Monday, July 30, 2012

Why You Should Read & Recommend My Blog

I've done the math. As there are approximately 6.5 billion people on this planet, and only 124 people actually read (?) my blog, there is what one might scientifically term a *deficit* of viewers here.

Something must be done.

But, I'm a busy (??) person and can't do everything all the time, for everybody. Nope. Plus I have all these books to read ... so something's gotta give. And it doesn't look like it's gonna be me, that's for sure.

See. That's where some of you brilliant 124 people come into play. Or work. Whatevs.

You should be spreading the word, taking out ads in large metropolitan newspapers, buying airtime on cable tv, whatever it takes to tell the world just how
awesome my blog is. The idea here is if we spread the lie big enough, folks just might believe it.

Okay. Admittedly I don't post tons of content, and I'm rather haphazard (lazy) about the whole thing. Plus videos, pix and interviews are a whole lotta work and I don't like to get too involved (really lazy) with the minutia of running a high profile blog.

But, on the plus side ... (thinking) .... well, anyway ... *sigh*

And what do you get out of this, you might rightfully ask? What glorious reward could possibly justify the all-out, no-holds-barred promotion of my blog?

How 'bout I mention you in my will and leave you one of the ten zillion stray cats I seem to be feeding on an hourly basis? ;D

Okay. I'm just messing with you.

And I know, I truly do know, that I really should do more with my blog. Honestly.
Especially since I've been running (away from) it for three years, I think. I really wish I could be more like some of you guys who post on a regular basis, offer a veritable truck load of juicy content, host giveaways every three seconds, and do all the other hard work that makes for a justifiably popular blog site.

But we all know that's not gonna happen, probably. See, I'm kinda the free-wheeling, hippy tree-hugging, animal-loving, spontaneous when-the-mood-strikes type of writer/blogger/bum who requires a planetary lineup, tons of quietude, and copious amounts of caffeine to turn on the stupid laptop in the first place. Content, at this point, is just a pipe dream on the same plane of existence as unicorns and fat free peanut butter cups.

What is really comes down to is the fact that I actually like keyboarding/typing. Sometimes I'm just babbling in my own head, typing-out-loud. Sometimes it's fun to just throw things out there and see if anyone bites. (Dear God, I think I've just equated my blog with chum)(sounds about right).

But what I suck at, big time, is consistency or scheduling. Which Google analytics is pretty big on, so I hear. Hence the haphazard, snarky mess which is my blog.

So ... to the three people that actually read this mess, thank you bunches <3

To the others that keep (against all odds) hoping for something better- hahahahahahahahahaha.

And to my dad who told me (at least once a day) not to stand there with the refrigerator door open because we were not trying to air-condition the entire house ... you were right.

Ps: Is anybody else looking forward to autumn, cooler temps, and the limited edition pumpkin pie ice cream? Mmmm ... ice cream!


  1. I love your ramblings and am happy to wait for when the mood strikes you *hugs*

  2. Sully, I <3 you!!! *hugs* X 10

  3. This post made me laugh- for a few different reasons. First of all- I enjoy your posts- and I love the word snarky. I like that you write about what you want, when you want. It certainly keeps things interesting. I especially liked the way you described yourself.:)

    I love summer- but I love fall even more. I can't wait for all the things you mentioned and more.

  4. Jess, you are an absolute sweetheart <3 !!! Thank you and Sully for the very kind words! And you are right ... autumn is such a wonderful time of year, 'just wish it wasn't followed by Illinois winter ;P

  5. jajajaajajaja

    I'm laughing in Spanish. Cool, huh? No... this is great. Let's promote your blog!! jajajaja Wait. Am I one of those "hosts giveaways every three seconds" 'cause I feel like I am. Very behind. On drawing winners. Thx for bringing that up.

    If you threaten stray cats, again, though, I'm OUT 'cause I got too much poop duty as it is. (Just sayin'.)

  6. Too cool, Laura!! Plus your site is so pretty, I really enjoy all you do [unlike SOME people we won't mention ... ME].

    Hey, you can NEVER have too many stray cats, they are like the gift that *keeps on givin'*

    We should put my blog down on the 2012 election ballots, see how many people are actually nutty enough to check yes lol JK