Monday, July 30, 2012

Falling in love with Need by Carrie Jones series

Since I'm still on the laptop and having trouble getting pix posted, I do apologize.

BUT - last night I finally got around to reading Need by Carrie Jones. Why it took me so long, God only knows ... especially with that gorgeous cover which I can't show you so you'll have to take my word for it lol. Anyhoo, I tore through that book like it was a fresh pkg of Oreos and I'd just come off a month-long diet ;D

Omg moment! I completely fell in love with the heroine/main character Zara and the tres yummy Nick. Zara was such a sweet girl, strong but thoroughly likeable, very human [kinda], down-to-earth. Just a wee bit snarky, ... well ... nervous snarky which I can relate to because whenever I'm stressed or nervous is when I'm at my ... *wittiest*, shall we say?

So Zara [Sara with a Z] moves from Charleston to a tiny town in Maine to help recuperate after her stepfather's unexpected death. She moves in with her grandmother, who is the kind of awesome-fiesty old lady that I'd like to end up being someday.

But there's this pale, creepy fellow who's been stalking Zara in Charleston, and now he shows up in Maine as well. *cue theme from Twilight Zone*

Zara and her new high school BFFs suddenly find themselves battling a particuarly vicious, nasty breed of pixies, and if you thought pixies were cute little elves that leave presents on the doorstep at Christmas time .... well, you were seriously misinformed. So there.

I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but Need was so dang good that I finished it and proceeded to start right away on Captivate, book #2 in this delicious series.

Sadly, tonight I will undoubtedly finish Captivate, and that is where my story ends ... at least until I can get the rest of this series, which I plan on doing come h*ll or high water.

You should, too. And once you do, if you haven't already, you will thank me for directing you to this fun & freaky YA series. You can thank me by giving me a billion dollars or the keys to your new BMW* or any other small (?) token of your esteem. Or not. Never hurts to ask ... ;D

Now, go buy or borrow Need, etc. Hurry. Because we're coming up on the August Perseid meteor shower and what if all the book stores got zapped**? Just sayin'.

*A new Prius would also be acceptable.
**Totally kidding. We know all the book stores can't get zapped.

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  1. I hadn't heard of Need until I checked out this post. It does sound fabulous and I am off to Google the cover. Thanks for the great review!!