Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is it HOT enough for ya?!


Although, I did have my beautiful and amazingly brilliant sis and her hubby come visit us from out in Utah - where the fires raged less than 5 miles from her home in the mountains.

But .... during her visit we *endured* a week of triple digit temps. And since that time (three weeks) there's been scant relief, and certainly little-to-no-rain in my neck o' the woods.

Did I mention I live in the corn-belt of the Great Midwest?

Yeah. And did I mention how blasted hot & dry it's been and that all the crops are practically in the toilet?! Seriously.

Today it is supposed to hit 104. And sure, there's a chance of thunderstorms ... but if our recent weather pattern is any indication, any storm that forms will either:
a] go around us
b] rain about 1.5 drops per sq. mile

Anyway. Since my car sits outside with no garage to protect it, turning on the ignition is akin to touching a crucible heated to about ten billion degrees kelvin ... whatever THAT is.

Too damn hot is what it is.

Honestly, we've had the weirdest weather this past year. Winter was basically MIA, and now it feels like we are living inside a furnace. The garden, my beautiful first-time organic masterpiece that took me forever to get up n' running, is now languishing a slow and pitiful demise.

Which really stinks for many reasons, ONE of which is that food prices are going to spike, I fear, and probably gas [corn-ethanol] as well.

Okee - I'm old enough to remember when you could buy 3 loaves of good bread for just a buck. Now it's 3 bucks for a loaf of good bread. I really shudder to contemplate just how expensive the next round of price increases will prove themselves to be, and I feel the utmost compassion for young marrieds w/children trying to feed a growing family without either going hungry OR going bankrupt.

But you know, it's hard enough being a human dealing with this prolonged heat/drought - however, the suffering of the animals comes close to breaking my heart. We've been trying to keep fresh, cool water accessible for the birds, squirrels, strays, etc. Mainly out of compassion, but also because I think a measure of responsibility comes with the *honor* of being the dominant species on this planet. Call me a crazy, hippy tree-hugger, I don't care lol.

Anyway, it's been miserable here, and elsewhere I'm sure, and I'm too enervated to do much of anything. But I haven't said/blogged much lately, so here I be. Sweaty, but there ya have it.

So, what's the summer been like where YOU live? And are you looking forward to fall/winter?? ;D


  1. Wow! Things are so crazy for you! I hope it gets better. That's so sweet that you took care of the animals. I'm a total crazy hippy treehugger too, so I'm right there with you. Summer has been weirdly mild here in Southern California. There was only one super horrible day close to 100, but that's it. I am not looking forward to fall/winter because school starts and I hate the cold even thought it doesn't get that cold here in comparison to the rest of the US.

  2. *YAY for treehuggers* <3

    Southern California ... *sigh*! That sounds beautiful, and I'm glad you are having a mild summer, though like you said, the weather is just kinda weird of late O-O {climate change, global warming, solar warming, Oort cloud, El Nino, La Nino, etc etc lol}

    Ugh - I'm SO glad I don't have to deal with *school* anymore ;P

  3. I live in New England- and our weather has been pretty much the same as yours. Little winter (ours came with a freak storm in October- but then little else). There have been many days this ummer hovering around the 100 degree mark. I am managing to keep my garden alive- but I think we have had more rain than you have out there. The thunderstorms they promise- do swing by our house each time. I hope you get more rain soon to help keep everything going. I am worried about the prices of produce and gas this fall because I know many farmers have lost all of their crops. So sad.

    I love that you give water to the animals outside- but then I am the same way with all the birds, squirrels, etc. in my yard.

    I am looking forward to the fall- but it is my favorite season with all of the beautiful colors.

  4. Here we've had a never ending autumn since last year. This week it finally looks like summer.

  5. I totally saw that on the news!!! All the dead corn fields and horrible drought. I'm so sorry that's right where you live!!!!! Triple digits hurt. You never forget that seatbelt burn from the metal, either. Ugh.

    I'm in Oregon where we joke about our one week of summer. And it wasn't last week... no, last week we enjoyed the normal cloudy-'til-afternoon thing with threatening sprinkles, same as most of the year. When it gets 82 degrees F we all act like we're melting and I let the grump fly with such good excuse. Pathetic, hey?

    Hilarious about the bread. I hunt down cheap wheat bread quite aggressively since we go thru at least 5 loaves a week right now. It's peanut butter I'm worried about. If my fam would quit eating, that would help, but that's unlikely.

    Thx for visiting my Saturday!! I honestly didn't mean to flaunt my garden to drought-ridden lands. (Sorry!!!)

  6. @DMS - oooh, fall in New England always looks & sounds so beautiful!! <3 I do hope you post pix when the season changes ;D

    @Sully - Yeah, you guys across the pond have had weird weather and flooding,too, I think???

    @Laura - Lol, no - I was actually HAPPY to see at least ONE nice garden survive this summer from H*ll!! And, unfortunately I am NOT at my best when the weather gets so hot, talk about being a grumpy witch, I can barely stand my own self ;P