Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie Show[Off]case 11/1/11

Mwha ha ha ha ...

Lookie here at what I got! My beloved BF treated me to a splurge at Barnes & Noble {AND lunch at The Olive Garden!} yesterday. What makes this especially awesome is that - with Borders/Walden's closure - we have no book stores within *gasp* an hour's drive, so talk about going out of your way to treat your sweetie right. ;D

I was like a kid in a candy store. No, worse. Because most kids know how to behave. Unlike me who stumbled & lurched through the aisles, oblivious to other shoppers, my mouth hung open with drool slithering down my chin, all wide-eyed and in some kind of weird book lover's trance.

All those shelves teeming with HUNDREDS of tempting, alluring, beckoning book covers leering out at me, taunting me, begging me to take them home.

WHEEEEEEEEE! No problem.

And, this will come as no surprise to anyone except maybe the guy who works the graveyard shift at a paperbag factory in Kalamazoo, but ... I finally settled on ZOMBIE BOOKS!!!!!!!! *facepalm*

heh heh heh

Oh, yeahs. Not only did I manage to sniff out a copy of World War Z, but I also snagged a new release - Dark Inside. See, who's the (wo)man NOW?!? Don't tell, but I started WWZ last night, and it is so magnificently well written that I recommend it to everybody [except that weird guy in Kalamazoo]. If you haven't bought/read it yet, go sit in the corner. I mean this.


today I received one of the coolest gift wins EH-ver. My sweet blogging peep Velvet over at vvb32reads sent me these Zombie Magnets! You can *arrange* the zombie corpse any way you like ... which is especially cool if you have teenagers who are always standing in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open. Next time when you yell at the kids to shut the ^%$#@! door, and tell them that if they'd been home for supper they wouldn't be raiding the frig at 10pm, and they get all offended & pissy like they always do, and slam the refrigerator door shut, and the zombie magnets fall on the floor ... heck, you can just grab them up and put them back on the door any old way, all jumbled up or whatever, and ... they'll still LOOK GOOD. 'Cos they're zombie parts. Get it? :O

It sure beats stupid fruit or little magnets shaped like notepads or bears or angels or bear angels eating fruit. I dunno, but anyway these are pretty damn awesome and everybody should put them on their refrigerator then maybe we'd have world peace or something, or a cure for athlete's foot.

I've got to quit drinking so much caffeine before bed]

Anyhoo, check out the pictures which won't line up with the stupid text because I can't figure out how to make my posts look all nice & professional like the rest of you people.


I win.


  1. *drooooool* I am jealous!

    ps: your new font color is hard to read. I had to highlight the text to read it.

  2. Thanks, Sully!
    You're right, I hadn't noticed that - got 'er switched back to white.
    Wish I were proficient in html, then I could really jazz this baby up ;D

  3. How could I not already have been stalking you. Rectifies the situation now. Prepare to be hunted and stalked ....i'm like papparazzi

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  4. You are such a sweetie, Pabkins!! By golly, if I got to pick who my stalkers were - I would so pick YOU [of course, my FIRST pick would be a deranged billionaire philanthropist heh heh]!!

  5. Haha - a deranged billionaire philanthropist - yes that would be an excellent choice of a stalker. Better than a drooling loopy eyed, non-bather.

  6. bY THe way - WWZ my favorite zombie book ever - its the one that got me hooked on the zoms! I'll have to check out this Dark Inside you picked up - you'll likely read it before I do so I can't wait to hear what you think!
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read