Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monsters and Mirrors

Whether or not one believes in monsters, per se - there is undoubtedly something lurking beyond our five senses that has given rise to a variety of legends, myths and belief systems, all of which point to a genuine phenomena, one that almost defies categorization.

The science of Yoga [Yogi] sums up the phenomena quite nicely: Self or Other. For that is where the line becomes blurred, are we creating our monsters via some quantum process of the human psyche? Or do they exist independent of our focus?

One of the most fascinating areas of study is that of The Tulpa. Tulpas, essentially, are energetic constructs stemming from the accidental or deliberate focusing of the human thought process. Once these *energetic constructs* acquire enough energy to become self-sustaining, they then *break away* from their creator. For whatever reason, once freed from their maker, they tend to devolve into a fairly malicious and unpleasant creature.

At this point, the human *parent* of the Tulpa, usually decides to nullify or re-absorb his creation, which - as Yogis, Shamans, Wisemen, Tibetans and various others all attest - is a very exhausting and difficult feat to accomplish, taking a great amount of concentration over a protracted period of time to successfully achieve. Tulpas are not taken lightly by the cultures who believe in their existence, and they are nothing to play around with.

However. In much the same spirit of Tulpa manifestation are some famous experiments with psychics & mediums who, through various means - the Ouija board being but one - deliberately set out to *create* out of seeming thin air, their own version of this mysterious energetic being. One such famous experiment is called Phillip - where a group of researchers set out to focus their energy as a group, going so far as to set up a fictionalized biography of this *Phillip*, and, in essence, bring this tulpa to life. At least through the mediumship of the Ouija board. And it was an extremely successful, if not disconcerting, experiment. Google it sometime to learn more, if you're interested.

Which takes us to perhaps the most misunderstood *psychic* toy of all - the Ouija board or spirit board or talking board, etc etc etc. What these things are is merely an ideometer, an object which gives the subconscious mind free reign to creatively present itself, somewhat bypassing the normal *control system* of the left brain or conscious [ego] user.

Ideometers have been used successfully for millenia by a host of practitioners for a host of reasons. In modern times, ideometers have even been used to help facilitate communication with individuals suffering from conditions such as Autism, or those whose left brains have received damage.

Here are a few crucial things to keep in mind regarding the ideometer effect:
One) When resorting to the use of any type of ideometer, one must fully recognize that the only demons one encounters are those drummed up by one's subconscious mind. As above, so below.
Two) The subconscious mind, or right brain, is the seat of creativity, emotions and operates via a system of symbols, metaphor and allegory. To take the subconscious mind literally is a mistake, because it does NOT have the ability to be *literal minded*.
Three) The subconscious mind seems to process information at a significantly faster speed than the waking, conscious mind. That is the reason why humans have the ability to *surprise themselves*, because we are not just ONE mind, but TWO. The silent mind - the right brain - has been linked to stigmata, telekinesis, poltergeists, hauntings, etc ... all of which point toward a lively, energetic and often expressive mental *partner*.
Four) The subconscious mind is also the *passive* partner. In the early years of mankind's evolution, the subconscious mind had a more equal footing with the left brain. Before the advent of reading and writing - left brain functions - the human ego was guided by instinct, voices, intuitions et al [see Human bicameral mind]. But, as reading, writing and other left brain functions became more frequently utilized, the right brain became relegated to a lesser position. It became subjugated by the strengthening left brain.
Five) The subconscious & right brain do not have the ability to say *no*. As we consciously think, the subconscious goes right along with our thoughts. It's as if we are *programming* our minds ... when we consciously think or believe something, our subconscious takes us at our word and *manifests* our thoughts. This is one reason why, when someone is faced with illness or disease, it is so vitally important to watch one's thoughts, to only have positive thoughts, for as we think, there we go. Or, as we sow, so shall we reap.

Therefore, when it comes to monsters, how many are truly of our own making? The same, in all fairness, can be said of angels.

But the crucial common denominator to all these paranormal happenstances, seems to be not so much SELF as opposed to other, but rather [and this is an important, if at first difficult concept to wrap one's head around] that the human mind is acting upon some type of energetic template which produces the desired [or undesired] effects which we then once again react upon.

It's like gazing into a hall of mirrors. We see our reflections, but don't recognize them for what they are, so we ALSO think & react to these reflections, which serves to validate and underpin the original concept or belief.

It's this thought - action - REaction process that has us all in a quandary. To put it more simply, it seems to go like this:
My conscious left brain ego has a thought - carpeting holds bacteria, stinks and is dirty.
My subconscious mind hears this thought, and - via the placebo effect - causes my body to react negatively when I'm around carpeting.
My conscious left brain ego gets more & more sickly when exposed to carpeting, which only serves to FURTHER the original belief, which in turn reinforces the impression my subconscious makes upon my body, which in turn ... you get the idea. We are chasing our own tails. Or, you could say - the tail wags the dog. Same diff.

But, as fascinating or not as all this left/right brain stuff is, the real mystery is who or what exactly is the *mirror*? What is the silly putty, or template, or energetic fabric that our minds are interfacing or interacting with? And, to put it bluntly, this *template* seems to be amoral, meaning that it really doesn't prefer good over bad, health over illness, etc. It makes no moral judgment or distinction, it has no preference period. It's JOB is simply to be what it is - which seems to be some kind of universal medium that reflects the eye of the beholder.

High strangeness indeed, Horatio.

I think perhaps the most interesting monster of all, is what the Arabics call the *Jinn* or Djin or genies. They are ethereal, insubstantial, and best of all ... their wish, their duty is simply to *serve*. In other words, they reflect our thoughts, desires, fears & dreams back to us.

To me, for I've thought and studied the paranormal for decades - and when I say studied I mean just that - the most amazing thing about our monsters, whether real or imagined, is that they subtly change over time, as do we. As we grow and mature as a species or individual, so must they. And not just in some kind of quasi-scientific archetypical sense.

As we improve, so do our reflections.

What I'm sincerely curious about is the nature of the universal mirror. What happens when we reach *end game*? What happens when we finally realize the only monsters were those of our own creation? What happens when we recognize the template for what it is? What will our minds create a million years from now?

Better yet, what would our experience, our beliefs in life be if we weren't so divided in our own beings? If not for the corpus callosum - that thick band of nerves which separates our cerebrum into two majorly distinct parts - how would our minds continue to evolve? Would the dichotomy that rules our thinking disappear? Would we no longer view the world as good vs bad, up vs down, female vs male, left vs right and so on and so on.

Would the line of demarcation, both physical as well as intellectual, cease to exist? I'm really curious.

Do new and unimagined monsters wait in the future's shadow? I kinda hope so, for I'm damn near bored with the old ones ;D

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