Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Crap

Sooooo. Happy Friday follow free hop tour TGIF or whatever the hell meme today is supposed to be called. Like I'd know [or care].

I've got half a dozen books I must get read & reviewed, and because they're each so yummy, I've read a little here, a little there, of all six books - so of course they've all run together and now I really should start over. Yup. Start. Over. Do any of the rest of you guys do this? Do you get so curious you've just GOT to check out that new book soon as you get it, even if you have other book[s] in process? And then you forget who's doing what with whom and where they did it at???

[silence. insert sound of crickets.]

Truth, I have been trimming out & painting window sills all week long. If anybody else thinks they need to do this, hurry and stick your head in a pail of ice water until the urge passes. Because next to at-home appendectomies, this is about the suckiest chore in the entire solar system.

I dunno why, but my windows have about a zillion parts - there's the outer, then the middle, then the stupid inner frame thingy. And as you've got to clean all these grooves out, I use hot hot water & PineSol so now the skin on my hands has all the youthful appearance of a sand-blasted soup cracker.

We're doing 7 windows, by the damn way, so this is no cutesy project. Then, after scrubbing everything to the point you've nearly asphyxiated yourself on cleaning fumes, we've had to measure & saw the composite board to frame these bastards in with. And no two windows have the *exact* same stupid measurements.

It's like being in the 7th circle of hell if the 7th circle of hell had windows. Which it probably does and if I don't quit being a little stinker all the time there's a good chance of me finding out. :P

Anyfreakingway. [Are we fascinated with my window rant yet?]
So THEN I've got to caulk all the seams, edges, grooves, etc because we live in the Midwest where the weather changes every three seconds so you've got lots of moisture & high humidity blah blah blah and if you DON'T caulk your damn windows you'll get mold on the sills like you read about.

After going thru nearly eight tubes of caulk this week, I can safely say that I've become quite proficient at handling *caulk* [heh heh heh] Except, if you're not careful, you'll get that white crap all over your hands [we are still talking about *caulk* here no matter what your pervy little mind says. CAULK.

Okay. Next step, after the white stuff dries, is to paint the whole stupid thing with lots & lots of white enamel paint - which looks brilliantly beautiful and fresh, except where the cat hair has drifted into the paint. We have two [2] cats, one gray and the other heathen is black. We do not have any white cats, which is a darn shame as then the stray floating cat hairs would blend in and add a tiny bit of texture to the freshly painted window sills.

Instead I've got to stop what I'm doing, carefully pick any loose hairs back out of the paint, which leaves gouges along the sills so that you have to go back and RE-paint, which is hard to do as enamel paint is thick, sticky, viscous & other annoying stuff that makes it almost impossible to re-smooth.

I forgot to mention that at some point in the festivities I've had to remove the screens and open the windows all the way and let the paint air dry, so of course the cats see an open window and are busily trying to launch themselves out the windows when they think nobody's looking or I've left the room for five minutes to go pee or to find a rope to hang myself with.

I've tried distracting the furballs with treats & catnip, but they act like they're so mistreated and are probably putting Peta on speed-dial as we speak [type].

So that's the dealio. If you came here in the vain and misguided notion that there'd be something interesting about books, you are totally SOL.
1) Books are good
2) Read them
3) Sometimes there are pictures

There. Happy now?


  1. caulk, hmmm...
    uhhhh, i like pictures in book - and too, chapter heading doodles-n-such ;-D

  2. Wow, window repair = no fun. Hopefully you can break soon and read a fantastic book. Happy Reading!

  3. There's just one thing you need to remember when reading books I'm told: The butler did it!

  4. ..... not the *gasp* BUTLER!!! :O

  5. lol I don't really read that many books at one. The max for me is 3 and only if they are all different. Evil kitties trying to escape! why do they always do that? As if they aren't treated like royalty already. Good luck finishing!