Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Sloth and Mailbox Stuff


So, like there's all these epic Halloween, October, Spooky, Creepy and so forth hops & giveaways going on all over the entire freaking internet. *Suh-WEET*

The downside is I've barely moved my butt out of this lumpy computer chair in - what feels like - days. I've lost feeling from the knees down. And I don't recall the last time I blinked. Is this bad?

Screw health. Gotta get me some book *love* going on :D

At this point in the game, as long as my hands can grasp the mouse and I can see to type, we're all good. I can clean & eat & bathe later [November looks promising].

Anybody else get like this?

AND ... as tomorrow is Monday, all the productive members of the blogging community are busily posting their mailbox memes like the internet's going out of style. Actually, I should do that as well because I got some real treasures in the ol' mailbox last week.

I should take pictures of all the yummy books & ARCs, then write a nice long post to go with. Yes, indeed. I should do that...

... as soon as Hell freezes over I'll get right on it. Seriously, there's so many groovy giveaways going on right now that, to be honest, my own greed and book pleasure has to come first. Just kidding, kinda sorta.

Good thing all my kids are grown and can fend for themselves - unlike my beloved whiny cats that stand stock-still in front of the refrigerator like they're expecting the Lion King to pop out for a personal appearance.

That would be so kewl.

Anyhoo, so like Happy Sunday/Monday and all that. Hope your weekend was great and your week will prove even better.

Now, forget supper and get busy entering all these contests in the blogosphere. Your family can suck on ice-cubes while they wait, tell them it's the latest diet fad from Hollywood and guaranteed to turn excess body fat into genuine gold nuggets. If they're smarter than they look, turn on the oven and throw in an onion - it'll trick them into thinking you've made a meatloaf or something.

This is Commander Slug signing off.


  1. It must be something contagious. I've been sluglike for the past two days as well. Hoping it's not the first stage of a zombie outbreak!

  2. O.O
    ..... see, that's what I'm thinking, too!! Obviously we cannot be held responsible for our lack of responsibility ;D