Friday, October 21, 2011

Commander Slug & Company

Maybe not hell, but certainly the path to obscurity is paved with really, really good intentions. And that's where I am. Snug in my ratty-old flannel jammies, with a chipped mug full of steaming hot chocolate and an empty Snickers wrapper crowding up my workspace. A cigarette burns in the ashtray while the furnace kicks on intermittently, sending spirals of heat and curling ribbons of smoke dancing toward the ceiling.

I really should be doing something meaningful. I meant to write a review, or a long-winded intellectual post, or even a short-winded post filled with snarky observations.

Something. Anything but what I'm actually doing which is taking it easy and enjoying my

Call it a wild guess, but I don't think this is the path toward fame and fortune. Maybe it's the jammies. Don't know, don't care. In fact, I think I will thoroughly thumb my nose at productivity by signing off and playing a rousing game of Plants Vs Zombies.

Question: When you guys feel like lounging around and being a slug, what - besides reading, of course - do you do? What are your secret vices?

AND ...

2nd Question: If you're lounging around when you read this, what is it that you feel like you should be doing instead?

This is your Commander Slug signing off.


  1. lol. I am also in my jammies. I find myself reading, checking Facebook, reading other people's blogs, or watching TV. I should probably be doing French homework, but catching up on my blog and watching The Walking Dead are way more important at this moment. :) Can I be Lieutenant slug?

  2. Parlez Vous, Lt. Slug :D
    ... *The Walking Dead* YES!!! Loved the first season, no cable so I'll have to catch it on dvd. And don't forget hot chocolate to go with, that's an ORDER~ heh heh

  3. Playing Left 4 Dead or Mass Effect on the X-box for the gazillionth time. Love both of those games (1 and 2 of both)

  4. Are those games *shmups* or RPGs?? They sound like something we'd play around here ... not sure if my son has Left 4 Dead or not? I enjoy the Resident Evil games and Silent Hill, that kind of thing [with lots of zombeeeeeeez]. ;D

  5. Hm... I'm not sure, but I know you have me wanting to play a round of Plants vs. Zombies.... ;D

  6. @Melissa - Oh, yeahs! My favorite level is Survival *Night* ... love those frozen watermelons hehe

  7. @M.A.D. Left 4 Dead is a zombie shooter (L4D2 has zombie clowns!!)
    Mass Effect is a mix of RPG and shooter, but 3rd person.