Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zombie Showcase: Monster Book of Zombies

The Monster Book of Zombies: Tales of the Walking Dead

Edited by Stephen Jones

Metro Books

2009 edition

518 pages

ISBN 978-1-4351-2049-5

By Jove, who doesn't love a good anthology?! I do. And if it's chock full 'o zombies - all the merrier I say.

Seriously, this was an excellent collection of stories! I curled up one evening with this baby and it was like opening a fresh can of roasted, mixed nuts WITHOUT any peanuts to slow a body down. It was that hard to stop reading and get some stupid sleep ;P

So, if you like anthologies, and if you LOVE zombies [well, like DUH ... who doesn't?] then

this is one you need to read.

Buy or Borrow - though I do think it makes a cozy addition to one's own personal library~

My favorite story in the book: Herbert West - Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft [love the Cthulhu man]


  1. Have you seen the Reanimator movie? It's made of cheesetasticness and needs to be watched! It's campy and hilarious. I'm putting this one on my reading list.

  2. ooOOoo - love those old campy movies! Was Vincent Price in it?? I might have seen this years ago, or maybe the kids rented it. Either way I'll see if I can find it for Halloween :D

  3. Ha! Love the analogy. Begone, peanuts!

    Hehe. Sounds like a fun anthology!

  4. the cthulhu man sounds most interesting!

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  6. @ Vii - if you've not read much Lovecraft you are in for such a treat!!! Nothing beats the Cthulhu tales ;D

    @Carolina - I'm always thinking of FOOD ;P

    @McPig - Thank you SO much!!!! I'm heading over yonder way right now :D