Thursday, July 21, 2011

PLEASE - Keep Your Pets Cool & Hydrated!!!

I'm writing this wee post as an URGENT REMINDER for everyone to please be extra kind to your pets during this blistering heat wave!

If at all possible, keep your animals cool and hydrated, with frequent fresh water amply supplied and do NOT NOT NOT leave your pets chained up outside to suffer.

Also, please do NOT leave your pets unattended in the car (need I mention this goes for CHILDREN as well?!) Even with the windows partly rolled down, temperatures during this type of weather can spike quickly inside a car as the metal body is prone to conduct and hold in heat.

The smartest, most compassionate thing you can do is to leave Fido at home for the time being.

***GOOD DEED ALERT*** We humans aren't the only living creatures miserable during the dog days of August ... I mean July (ugh). Please take pity/compassion on any neighborhood strays, birds, etc and make fresh water available for the rest of God's children.

A pan of ice cubes set in the shade to slowly melt, a birdbath or reasonable facsimile thereof, plants well watered either well before or after the hottest part of the day.

It's takes so little time and effort to make a HUGE difference in the comfort and care of the gentle creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

And please ... this is a biggie ... DON'T turn a blind eye to animal neglect/cruelty. That's really bad Karma as well as just being a lazy tool. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go that extra mile to do the right thing.

Anyway, while I know most of you are undoubtedly wonderful people who have the common sense and good ethics to take care of your beloved furbabies, I came across a sad situation today that prompted me to post a heartfelt reminder.

Many Thanks & Blessings to All!

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