Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheapskate Book Bling!

For all you fellow bibliophiles out there, just a reminder NOT to overlook the used book angle. Here it is, the miserable dog days of Summer, which - if you can stand to drag your sweaty butt out from in front of the A/C - is the best time of the year for scoring awesome reads on the cheap.

Yeah, I'm a real tightwad [part necessity and part cheapskate DNA].

It breaks my heart to pay F.U.L.L.P.R.I.C.E. for ANYTHING ... okay, except for food and underwear maybe lol.

On the plus side, I have been known to go into full body spasms of miserly delight when I can reallllllllllllllllly stretch a buck and strike some killer buys.

Well, with that said - July really blew me away! Even though I didn't go to a ton of yard sales or book stores, those I did chance upon were the Mother Lode of book treasure. I've got to make a list and take some pics to post on this thing, lazy and haphazard as my blogging tends to be.

Ah, well.

Anyhoo, let me be the first to say that August has started off on the right page ... I mean FOOT. No lie.

After picking up my meds today, we made a quick stop in at the Salvation Army store. Usually I don't find much. However.

Today I found:
Gossip Girl: You Know You Love Me
Gossip Girl: All I Want is Everything
Gossip Girl: Would I Lie to You
Gossip Girl: Because I'm Worth It
Gossip Girl: You're the One That I Want
Gossip Girl: Only in Your Dreams
(all in practically brand new condition for only TWENTY FIVE CENTS EACH!)
and -
Incantation by Alice Hoffman (also like new for .25)
Closed for the Season by Mary Hahn (ditto) (not heard of this before, but the cover is creepalicious)
and finally, another one that looked cute -
Confessions of a Teen Nanny by Victoria Ashton (hard cover .50c)

I dunno, they must have had a sale going or something and my timing was right, but now I have another stack of goodies to add to my burgeoning pile of upcoming winter reading material. Illinois winters blow chow, in case you didn't know :P

So again, while we all love buying books, and especially WINNING books, don't forget to check out your local yard sales, thrift shops and such.

For peeps like me, who don't have much cash to start with, and are typically behind on the ten thousand new books constantly coming out, buying used is a great way to catch up on some of the older titles you've yet to buy or win.

Heck, I just found a hardcover copy of Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago - like new condition and for only .50.

And as an aside, if you can, I really recommend rummages, church sales and thrift stores over the *standard* used book stores - not that I don't LOVE them, in fact, I could LIVE in one - but, at least around here, our used book stores are pretty pricey.

Whatever. Hope you guys can score some majorly good deals, too~ :D


  1. ooo, purty! love your new look. when it comes to books, i have a hard time with full price too ;-D

  2. Thank you, Vii :D
    To be brutally honest, I don't have a lot of sales resistance when it comes to books - I'd wipe out Barnes & Noble in a heartbeat if I had me the monies hehehe

  3. Awesome finds and good advice... thanks for the reminder of how to score some good deals :)

  4. Awesome finds and good reminders on how to score some deals! Church sales are the best :)

  5. @Kat - I agree! And since most churches tend to hold their sales *annually*, you can mark those that had the best *loot/prices* on your calendar so's not to miss out on next year's event :D