Thursday, June 9, 2011

A NEW type of Monster

We need one. And I only wish I were clever enough to break through the literary glass ceiling and come up with something so terrifically fresh that I'd be up to my eyeballs in cold, hard cash.

So far, at last count:
Good vampires
Bad vampires
Vampire wannabees
Detective vampires
Teen vampires
Vampire Hunters
Old Vampires
New Vampires
Zombies - supernatural
Zombies - unknown causes
Zombies - viral
Zombie survivors
Zombie almost survivors
Fairies Good
Fairies Bad
Fairies with mood swings so it's hard to tell
Unicorns - confused mess (sorry, Team Zombie here lol)
Elves, etc
Prometheus - Frankenstein
Sea Monsters
Mermaids, etc
Psychics who are always claiming to see or hear stuff nobody else can
Dystopian Mechanical Thingies
**Mummies (scarce but what can you do with all those fool bandages?)
Invisible people (who have to put on bandages to be seen. go figure)

Enough. You get the idea. If somebody brilliant doesn't come up with a new type of supernatural creature - beyond some mixed up variety of the above - pretty soon we're gonna be scraping the bottom of the Old Skewl barrel and have our heroines mixing it up with the kid who runs the projector in Health Class.

Nothing good can come from that. Trust me.

No, seriously. Isn't it funny how difficult it is to think up something really really *new*???
I ask this because, honestly and truly, - in my far & few creative moments - I've tried quite hard to find the creative epiphany and ... it isn't there.

At least not yet. Maybe tomorrow.

But I doubt it.

**okay. Back to the mummy thing for just a 'sec.
I have to admit, I loved Anne Rice's Ramses the Damned. But still. He had to basically come back to life and get OUT of those stupid bandages before the story could really get going [wink wink nudge nudge].
I mean, how threatening is a mummy? Really? Lon Chaney did a great job playing the mummy back in the day, but still ... they could've put an end to his Bandaid butt with a simple Bic lighter in the first five minutes of the movie if anybody had been a smoker and had one on hand {mental note to self: keep cigs & lighter in jeans pocket when exploring any/all pyramids}.
That's what I'm saying here is you just might as well take mummies off the list to start with as they're too damn hard to write around, is all.
Unless maybe our heroine is a budding archaeologist. Who doesn't smoke.


  1. ok, i'm curious about Dystopian Mechanical Thingies

  2. Me, too - but whatever they are they sure make for great cover art lol

  3. Or maybe a chia-pet tries to take over the world? ;D