Friday, July 8, 2011

A Mini-Rant

***On My Soapbox* Alert ***
Readers, please forgive me, but I simply have to get this off my chest. The following rant is in NO WAY directed towards any one particular person. It's simply my personal opinion and response to something that's been bothering me for a while.

With that said.

I don't know which is worse: finding out you weren't the winner of a book
you really wanted OR finding out ... let's say 6 months later ... that you DID win
a book you really, really WANTED except the blog owner couldn't be bothered to
email and let you know :(

Granted, we each have the right to conduct our blog in any manner we see fit.


If someone's time is so incredibly valuable that they cannot be bothered to take the 60 seconds necessary to email their winners, how do they then 'find' the time to conduct another drawing?

It just strikes me as a wee bit snarky anytime I see a blogger post that they were
"forced" to draw another winner.

Especially when most blog giveaways (mine as well) require that an entrant become a follower in some way. With more & more bloggers seeking to grow their readership, the same do our 'blogs we follow' lists continue to grow by leaps & bounds.

Guess what? A lot of us do not have the time to constantly check our updates - talk about time consuming. And even though I DO have Google alert set to catch any relevant post I might miss - frankly, it doesn't do a thorough job.

[ When we can have upwards of 300 blogs saved to follow, that can potentially be a tremendous amount of posts to scan or read on a daily basis. I say that, and I'm partially disabled and probably have more time than most. ]

So I'd like to gently and respectfully suggest that if a person has time to post, promote and otherwise conduct a giveaway, try to go that extra 60 seconds and *somehow* find the time to let your "lucky winner" actually know.

Personally, I'd rather sacrifice a few page views (hopefuls checking back to see if they've won) than deliberately disappoint a fellow book lover.

To those that have sweetly and graciously contacted/alerted their followers of wins over the years, kudos and hugs to you!

So, without rancour or ill will, since MY time is valuable as well, I will no longer follow/fb/like/tweet etc etc bloggers too busy to contact potential winners.

Sorry, but it's a two way street as far as I'm concerned.


  1. I completely agree. I always email people when thy win things from my blog. I'm busy and don't remember each and every contest I've entered and it's unfair to expect others to.

  2. Thanks Titania - that's how I feel, too! Hopefully some of the *no emailers* will have a change of heart :D