Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love YA books BUT ...

(a mini-rant)
I recently counted 5 instances of eye-rolling in less than 3 pages of an otherwise terrific YA novel.

Unless we are to believe that all females under the age of 18 suffer from a type of involuntary vision problem such as transient motor eye tic,
can the authors of YA novels please tone down with the eye rolling thing.

We get that young teenagers have a pronounced tendency to express disdain, disbelief and disenchantment on a minute by minute basis, but c'mon ...

We further 'get' that young females are not always the most verbose and/or articulate creatures on the planet.

But still. Quit having the characters shrug so often they're mistaken for epileptics. Sometimes teens actually respond with words instead of physical jerks and grimaces. They're not marionettes.

I would like to point out that many of the mid-teens of my acquaintence are both vision healthy and have the ability to combine words of more than two syllables into complete and coherent sentences with
a minimum of shrugging and/or rolling of the eyes.

And, as crazy as this sounds, sometimes teens have *gasp* depth. So go easy with the *dumbing down*. While there's such a thing as writing for an intended market, there's also such a thing as stereotyping.

Please avoid, pretty please and thank you [Mary Ann shrugs shoulders, rolls eyes and picks an invisible piece of lint off her Juicy couture skinny jeans][not].


  1. *snort* Well said! And can I add that not every teen girl is so fickle to be drawn to at least two guys at a time, unable to chose between them.

  2. @McPig - True that!!!

    @Viii -LOL not sure I should tell ;D