Friday, October 8, 2010

M.A.D. Challenge 1 - "The Brady Lunch"

Ah, me wee little worms of wiggly wickedness - don't ye just loive t' smell of October in t'air?!

T'mere thought of Halloween fills me bony hollows with such warmth n' joy as t'bring a hint of tear to this maggoty old cheek, it does.

An' here I have t'tell ye,

with so much pride me liver be fixin' t'burst -

t'hat penning t'following undead tribute to them wonderful

Brady kids and t'beloved TV show be just t'first of many such challenges t'come.

Me hat and head is off t'Zombie Girrrl for t'hinking up such grisly good fun in t'first place!!!

And don't be forgetting to visit that rotting rapscallion t'read her contribution t'this First Edition of the M.A.D. Challenge - where we crumbling comrades spin our own vile versions of much treasured

books, movies, TV, songs and what'ever else should happen t'bite

us in t'brain!

The Brady LUNCH

Here's the story,
Of a corpse named Sadie,
Who was bringing up three decomposing ghouls
All of them had rot & mold,
Like their mother,
The youngest one ate squirrels.

Here's the story,
Of mor-ti-cian Brady,
Who was busy with three stiffs of his own.
They all smelled bad, but only one was sad,
'Cos he was still alone.

Til the one day when old Sadie bit this fellow,
and his bones made a sat-is-fy-ing crunch.
She stirred his brains in soup,
and called the whole dang group,
and that's the way Zombies ate their Brady Lunch.

The Brady Lunch - the Brady Lunch!
That's the way the Zombies ate their Brady Lunch!!


    That was great! I can just picture the little grid thing where they're all looking at each other, only now Mr. Brady is in the middle and he's looking a little worse for the wear... Nom, nom! XD

    *Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off and chocking on my chocolate milk

  2. excellent! taking zombie cuisine to a new level, indeed!

  3. *bows* to ah-doring public. Head falls off. Somewhat chagrined, gropes around. Finds head. Re-attaches. Shuffles off in search of Ben & Jerry's ...

  4. Try a little duct tape around your neck, it'll hold your head on nicely and it won't lose it's stick in the shower! Though it might pull some skin off...
    Anyway! I can honestly say that I have never had a near choking-on-cig experience as I do not smoke. Me lungs are as pure as the freshly driven snow!
    So what next week's challenge? Have you picked a theme yet? Have ya, have ya, have ya??? :D

  5. Great one, of course now I will have the darn song stuck in my head all day. Gee, this bunch sounds much more interesting than the original. I would watch it!

  6. Yeah, can't you just picture these perky 70's-style teeny-boppers stumbling & shuffling down that long staircase?
    Personally, I think Alice their housekeeper would make the most *interesting* zombie LOL

  7. The youngest one ate squirrels. This was in my head all day! You got me good!
    Yes, Alice would make a great Zombie, think she would have that silly smirk on her face? I do LOL

  8. Spot on! With that constant smirk, she came off as such an annoying know-it-all ROTFLMBO :D

    And remember Alice's bf - whatever his name was? They always went bowling? I'm picturing him rolling Greg & Marcia's heads down the gutter lane lol

  9. I forgot about the annoying smirk! A smirking zombie would be very creepy indeed. Although I'm not sure it would be as creepy as a zombie with a prissy mullet (talkin' 'bout the Missus here). Her hair always drove me nuts! (I used to watch a lot of Nick@Nite)
    Anyhoo! How are you this fine day, M.A.D.? I hope all is well, that the sun is shining and that you are reading something excellent.
    BTW, BOO! That's courtesy of Velvet's ghost challenge. Be sure to visit and sign up for a chance to win She Smells the Dead by EJ Stevens. Sounds pretty interesting and the cover is divine! Have you seen it?
    And I believe the name you are searching for is Sam, Sam the Butcher. Hmm... Butcher... Zombies... Do you see any similarities here?

  10. Ah yesssssss. Sam.The.Butcher.

    the irony of it all ;D