Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Have Been Challenged ...

By one of my favorite fractured fiends, to pen a zombie mash-up to the theme from the Brady Bunch. Or, as we undead lovelies prefer to say - The Brady Lunch!

After all, October is all about HALLOWEEN, ye grim little goblins!

So. Methinks I'd best be getting out the ol' rhyming dictionary, hadn't I?

"There was a story, 'twas somewhat gory, ..."

PS ... don't tell Zombie Girrrl, but I am sooooo going to get her! Stay tuned to find out how I do it ;D hehehehehe


  1. I'm shaking in my boots, but just a little. Bring it, M.A.D.! *snap, head-wiggle, snap*

  2. hahahaha
    I almost snorted diet Dew out my nose!!!
    ps - my *surprise* is cute, I think you'll get a kick outta it ;D

  3. You're ready?! Huzzah! This weekend! You. Me. Crazy tunage. ;)
    BTW, the zombie proof button wasn't made by me. if you click it, you can grab one of your own i think. :)

  4. Huzzah indeed! :D
    Does't thou suppose our *adoring* posthumus public is properly agog in anticipation?

    * Ye gads! Do we HAVE an adoring public? Anyone?

    ps - thanks ZG for the heads up on the button thingy lol

  5. Ye are quite welcome, my delightful fiend!
    Hmm, me thinks we may have to advertise this grand event. Wouldst that thou were on Twitter! Then we might deliver our challenges before the ever so large Twitterverse and sit and back in our divans to watch as the readers poured in! (Whoo! Talking lime this is tiring! Switching to coloquial American!) Are you on twitter? Also, I'll whip up a M.A.D. Challenge button and ask around for people to post it on their blogs. We shall, er, will have an adoring public! This I swear!

  6. Finished! The M.A.D. Challenge button is finished! I just need to know where to link it to. Shall I link to your blog and then you link to mine? Or we could have two buttons; one that links to you and one that links to me. In which case, I'd display the one that links to you and vice versa.
    PS I'll display the button on my sidebar for you to see. Hope you like it! :)

  7. Ah, ye wee varlet (this character talking is addictive), I've got me button up and linked to ye, an' I sees ye got ye own button mayhaps linked to me (don't know why I didn't have the sense to click & find out lol).

    Were ye a drinkin' man I'd tell ye to hoist a pint o' grog to celebrate our dastardly duo o' a challenge. In fact o' t'matter, I'd best be off to see if me Brady Lunch be ready to launch soon (man, this IS tiring. I need another slug of Diet Dew ;D )

  8. By t'e by, 'ow di' t'e yarrrrd sale go? Di' ye manage t' unburden yersel' o' any unneeded clutterrr?

    Abou' t' contes' ye proposed, I simply canno' afford t' do one righ' now. I'll totally pimp ou' yer contes' on me blog, but Oi've pu' mesel' under a stric'(ish) no book buying ban fer a while. Oi say "ish" because oi recen'ly wen' t' a lib'ary sale and go' a paper grocery bag worf o' books fer $5! And no' duds oither! Oi found The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, Thirteen Reasons Why, a wooden arm load of Disc World by Terry Pratchett, Don Quixote, and a lotta other good stuffs besoides.

    PS Moy bu'on is linked t' yer M.A.D. Challenges. E'ry Challenge ye pos' will automatically be linked t' tha' bu'on or me name isn' Long John Shivertimbers! Arrr.

  9. PPS Oi also Tweeted abou' t' Challenge. Arrrre ye on Twitter?

  10. * Dang it, no I does not have Twitter (since I y'aint got no phone at t'er moment - arrrre)

    I does have FB tho, what can we do on there???? Any insane ideas, me wee buckeroo? lol

    Okay, standard English now cos I wears me out:

    F.I.V.E. BUCKS for an entire SACK of such awesome books?!!!!!! I am giving you such a virtual *high-five* *smacks-hands-in-the-air-over-head* !!!!

    Our library is pretty nice, but I've never hit paydirt like that! GOOD FOR YOU, ZG - I is proud o'ya, I is (dang, that's addictive)

  11. Actually, the yard sale kinda bottomed out. Puzzling, as it was SUCH a warm, beautiful fall weekend and there were lots of other sales to pull the suckers ... I mean BUYERS in lol

    That's what I love to do, go to rummages and score books on the cheap! Also video games n' DVDs
    Woo Hoo!

    Since I've been having health probs the last two years & hence unemployed, I've also had to tighten the old spending habit immensely, so that is totally skippy coolio on the giveaway :D

    Hey, would YOU like to have my extra ARC of Dust?? If you haven't read it yet, I'd be so happy to *pay the book-love forward* :D
    Postage my treat, too!

  12. Actually, I won an ARC of Dust during Zombie Month, so I'm not in need of another. But thank ye for the kind offerrrr.

    I'm sorry to hear that thou hast had health troubles of late, my dear. I will add thee to my prayer list and put in a good word with the Father on behalf of thee. I do so hope that thou art feeling strengthened and inproved in the areas of health and peace soon. ♥
    It has been my personal experience that prayer and trust in the Lord are the best forms of healing. Last twelve-month I had a health scare, myself. We began praying the rosary, my family and I, and I found peace and a restoration of health, as well as an increase of faith, through the intercesion of the Blessed Virgin.
    Wouldst thou happen to be of the religious persausion, Mary Ann?
    (OMZ! You have no idea how long it took to type that Jane-Austen-style! *_*)

  13. That's beautiful, ZG!! I attended Catholic school for a while when I was young - there for a while I became quite proficient with Rosary, as well as getting straight A's in Cathecism (sp? lol)Later on we switched to Espiscopalean (sp?)and I was confirmed at age 12.

    I used to be more mainstream religious, but as I've gotten older I've become more spiritual (hard to explain exactly what I mean). I concern myself far less with dogma and far more with *intent* - if THAT makes ANY sense lol

    I think that is exceptionally kind of you to pray for me, and I thank you with all my heart! It's an immense, overwhelmingly magnificent universe we live in, and very hard to see the *large picture* from our tiny viewpoint - so I am eternally grateful for any loving help that comes my way :D

    You are such a sweet soul!