Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Aliens are COMING!


Brace yourselves, hapless mortals.
Someone, something watches always.
Think I'm kidding?
You wish.

Can you answer YES to any of the following?
1) Have you seen unexplained lights in the sky?
2) Have you experienced the sensation of being watched by something unseen?
3) Have you awakened at 3:00 a.m. in unexplained and absolute terror?
4) Do you dream of owls, cats, large eyed beings - typically in groups of three?
5) Have you experienced sleep paralysis while seeing diminutive creatures waiting silently at the foot of your bed?
6) Are you terrified of doctors or dentists?
7) Are you terrified of heights?
8) Have you seen or dreamt of being pulled into a tractor beam of blinding light?
9) Do you feel chosen, or special, or feel the frustration of some special task assigned to you?
10) Have you experienced dreams of emotional manipulation?
11) Have you had an OBE?
12) Do you lucid dream?
13) Have you dreamt of mysterious cousins, or unknown family members?
14) Do you dream of insects, or bug-like creatures entering in your eyes?
15) Have you dreamt of anyone or anything within a 6-8 inch distance from your face, intently staring at you?
16) Have you awoken to discover unexplained bruises, scars or scoop-marks on your person?
17) Have you experienced unexplained nose-bleeds or sinus problems?
18) If female, have you experienced a life-time of gynecological problems?
19) Have you dreamt of babies, small children, or been given to know that you have produced unknown offspring somewhere else?
20) Does it make you uncomfortable to have your curtains or blinds open after dark?
21) Have you dreamt of undergoing operations?
22) Are you fascinated by UFO and alien literature?
23) Do you *react* to artistic representations of the typical Gray alien?
24) Do you struggle to reconcile any paranormal subjective encounters into an objective world view?
25) Are you subject to active bursts of synchronicity (seeing 11:11, etc)?
26) Do you feel monitored in any way?
27) Have you seen the dead?
28) Are you driven by a powerful thirst for answers?

And lastly, would you like to win a copy of HOST?

stay tuned and keep those tinfoil hats ready ... ;D


  1. I haven't dreamed of most of those things, but after reading this I probably will.

  2. LOL - dreaming of bug-eyed aliens might be easier on the psyche than dreams of flesh-rendering brain-snorting zombiesssssssss ;D

    *Thankfully I've not dreamed of any zombies YET, have you McPig??

  3. Oh you haven't lived until you've had a lucid zombie dream featuring every member of your family plus some well-liked friends. They're great. Not.
    I have experienced bursts of synchronicity, though! And I always see a clock at exactly 9:11 every day, am or pm. So weird.

  4. Hi, Mary Ann! I did enjoy the beautious October day, thank you for asking! Did you have a nice day?
    Unfortunately I was simply too busy yesterady and the day before to go online. Last week was a bit of a fluke for me as my Confirmation class had the weekend off and I didn't have to make a lesson plan; I'm a first-time catechist at my church. It's so much fun! My group is great, though they're a little behind the curve due to a weak curriculum during their formative years, so we really have a lot to teach them. It's great though. I'm even looking into becoming a certified catechist because I'm just a volunteer type right now.
    I was just Confirmed last Easter after going to RCIA. I was Baptized Catholic and raised pretty much Catholic, like we went to Mass on the Big Two (i.e. Christmas Vigil and Easter morning), but I didn't go to CCD. But a few years ago, my mom had a hysterectomy after having some pretty scary doctor's visits and it was a wakeup call for us to realize what was really important. We started going to Mass regularly, praying together every evening, reading the Bible again (when I was little, my mom read me and my siblings the Bible like it was the best story book ever. We heard it about five times in all before I was 10), and we finally started looking into faith formation programs. We weren't sure where we fit in because we were all Baptized Catholics and our church is pretty small and doesn;t have many programs for adult faith formation, so we ended up in the RCIA class. It was seriously the best thing I've ever done. I learned so much, and now, as a catechist, I get to keep learning more and more for my class and from my class.
    Have you ever felt like God spoke to you? Like He said, "Mary Ann, this is what I want you to do,"? That's how I feel about my life ever since I first started RCIA. It's like my whole life has led up to this moment, every moment! I prayed near the end of my faith formation class, as Confirmation was nearing, that God would hone me to be an instrument of His love and show me His will so that I might do it, and then last May, I think it was, an acquaintance from church emailed me out of the blue saying they needed catechists for the Cofirmation class, would I like to be one? It was like, "Okay, God, I hear ya!"
    So I spent the whole summer going to Mass every day I could and praying that I was reading the signs right and that God really did want me to do this. I was a nervous wreck! I actually was sick to my stomach a few times thinking that I might be doing the wrong thing, but God would keep sending me messages through Scripture that it would be all right. (con't)

  5. (con't from last comment)
    Once, while reading Believing In Jesus in order to prepare for the possibility of being a faith instructor (I was having serious doubts at that point, though I had already told our Diretor of Religious Education that I would do it), the book referred me to the Bible for a passage that was exemplary of the appocalyptic style of writing. It had been referring me to the Bible a lot, but I hadn't bothered to read them because the Bible was across the house and I'm lazy like that, but I was like, "Apocalyptic? Hmm, that sounds interesting." So I went and read it. It was a passage from Mark, chapter 13. My current fear was that I wouldn't know what to say, that they would ask me a question and I wouldn't be able to answer or that I would just freeze up and be useless (I can be kinda shy in person, especially around teens). The passage said, "Do not worry beforehand about what you are to say. But say whatever will be given to you at that hour. For it will not be you who are speaking but the Holy Spirit." That. Freaked. Me. Out. God spoke to me through the Bible! He told me where to look by puting the interesting term "apocalyptic" i the bok I was reading because he knew it would catch my attention, then He consoled me through Scripture! From that point on, I put aside my fears and just trusted that I was on the right path and prayed like crazy that God's will would be done in and through me. I'm living my favorite beatitude because of that passage, Happy are those who trust in the Lord.

  6. I have zombie dreams from time to time in which I have a big flamethrower and conquer them all!

    Oh, wait...

    You were not talking about daydreams were you?

  7. Thank goodness I've NEVER had a zombie dream ... that would scare the brains right outta me!

    @ZG - I kinda know what you mean about *being led* to find the answers you need (except the winning lottery numbers lol). I like to think I've got a higher self or guardian angel watching over me (hope whoever it is gets paid well lol).