Saturday, October 2, 2010


As I have simply no use for pointless beginnings ... 'he said, she said' and further banalities, I will begin where most pertinent in accordance to my whim.

The skies may have been blue, or the grass a verdant green. And a love interest, had I possessed one, might have chewed his nails in angst over my proclivity towards aloofness.

As it is, none of that need concern one here.

For my Here with a capital 'H' happens to be sandwiched between above and below, underneath a ponderous Victorian cellar floor - heavily webbed with cracks which have split the bricks and caused the mortar to crumble in spots - AND somewhere above a sharply pitched ancient roof as might be seen in those European towns still old in the time of the Brothers Grimm.

For I have encountered the most incredible of discoveries. That of which is a house fully buried beneath the one I have lived my entire life in ignorance of its existence.

House A and House B.

Here I will admit that had I not been painfully and rather suddenly devoid of a love interest, likely I would not have been searching through the dismal alcoves of our cellar in search of my father's cache of 'company' wines and spirits - for when my mother was alive our home was frequently given to entertainment.

I wish I had found a bottle of something - anything -because I could certainly use a stiff belt of courage given my current situation.

As I said, I am quite inexplicably and confoundedly sandwiched between here and there, above and below, and I am practically smothered in filth as I'm catching my breath perched on this rickety excuse of a stairwell that seems less life-worthy than my mother's 1923 rolls-royce silver ghost salamanca languishing in the coach house these last two years.

to be continued at leisure.


  1. Ooh, yoo has such purty words! (LOL)
    I like the story, M.A.D.! I hope that "at leisure" doesn't leave me waiting too long. :)

  2. Thank you so much ZG :D
    Me loves to write but I need peace and quiet to do< which i don"t seem to get much of lol>
    argh ___ my stupid keyboard is really on the blink so excuse these typos< it keeps getting stuck on the caps & shift> sigh!

  3. Bummer! My aunt, who is also my pen pal, types and prints all her letters to me, and sometimes she hits Control-I and doesn't know what she did, so a large portion of her letters are in italics. It's quite amusing to read a leter with such strong emphasis on everything!