Friday, October 1, 2010

October Trix-N-Treatz EVENT

Harken up, all you brazen book lovin' maladapts!!!
One of my very best blog buds is hosting a wickedly awesome MONTH LONG event with tons of gruesome giveaways, interviews, interactive mayhem & ghostly goodness galore!
CLICK HERE to visit Doctor Viii and check out her schedule of activities.
Just a word o' warning, my wee charnal chums:
She's starting the month off with a bang! First one the list is *The Carnivale* ...
brrr. Brave I may be with zombies, vamps & shape shifters.
Carnivals scare the beejeezis outta me.
Especially creepy ones ...
I'd rather face a horde of slathering werewolves than a crowd of evil, cheesy-face clowns.
Dolls, too. With those fixed, glassy eyed stares. :0
PS. Rumor has it that sometime during the month aliens may be involved!?!
We'll have to check in with Bubba and the good folk at Tiny Trailer Town in
Pitfalls, Illinois to get the skinny.
Might even be a giveaway ...
So grab the tin foil and start making those anti-alien hats, boyz n' ghouls!
And while you're waiting to see where the nefarious space-pirate-people-grabbin' bug-eyed evil Greys are headed next, drop in at Velvet's for a helluva good time.
Tell her Bubba sent you!


  1. I gots my foil hat already!
    Shee-oot, Bubba! You's afraida clowns an' dolls? Tha's funny, righ' there!

  2. ZG - make sure you done be usin'the 'spensive ah-loom-e-num, not that there foil they be sellin' at the Dollar Barn cos it ain't no good keepin' them aliens from eatin' yer brains like a puddin' cup, if'n you knows what I mean!

    'jes sayin' ;D