Monday, September 20, 2010

I Have Been Duly Christened ...

By a squirrel.


......sigh. So there I was. Beautiful fall afternoon. Blue skies. Gentle breeze. Helping my bf at his place; he was busy installing a new garage door while I was occupied painting the new pine trim a crisp, fresh coat of white.

Standing under a rather large, spreading walnut tree.

At first I thought it had started to rain, as a cascade of gentle drops fell from above onto my (freshly shampooed) hair, shoulder, arm and foot (in sandals, of course). How bizarre, I thought, brushing the drops through my hair. Why, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Until I really looked up to notice an evil, zombie squirrel (well - he coulda been!) happily perched on a branch roughly 12 feet directly above me - chattering away. Not a care in the world, and just shit all happy to have relieved his bladder on the hapless ape below him.

Little stinker :0

No help from the male of my species, he just laughed til he cried.

I laughed as well, because I happen to be taking some stellar antidepressants these days (thanks doc!) :D

Anyway, I stank of squirrel pee for a couple of hours until I could get home to shower, and for some bizarre reason I just felt like sharing this.

And how was YOUR day?

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