Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Book Brag!

Ah, the Gods of Awesome-Books-From-Rummage-Sales trice blessed me today!
Left to right:

TRULY, MADLY by Heather Webber (VERY good condition!), Lucy Valentine has the powers of Cupid - at least according to family legend. But did her powers to read couple's auras and perfectly match them up get ZAPPED by an electrical surge? Because now her gift seems to lay in finding objects - including a missing wedding ring on a dead body!

WOLFSBANE and MISTLETOE (hb), an anthology of hair-raising holiday tales. Includes authors Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Keri Arthur and Carrie Vaughn! This one made my day, in mint condition no less.

PRIDE and PREJUDICE by Jane Austin, Penguin Classics edition, very good but read condition. Okay, [looks nervously around] ... I have to admit my shameful little secret ... I have NEVER read ... ahem ... er ... ah ... ANY Jane Austin!
BUT, before you tar & feather this worthless heathen of a bibliophile, now I can join the ranks of those better read than I. OR soon anyway. Pretty soon. At least right after I get finished with Dust. Sorry, but even zombies beat out the classics right now. Maybe it's just the menopause talking?

AND here is my *tacky* cost brag [Okay, so I love being thrifty! lol] ...
Even though I purchased these babies at three separate yard sales, EACH book only cost .25c!!!

Yeppers, for 6 bits I added another week's worth of fun reading to my winter pile.
See, here in Illinois winter can be quite the show-stopper. We're talking bitter cold & snow that last foooooooooorrrreverrrrrrrrrrrr. Ugh.

So in my estimation, winter is the perfect time to read & write. And maybe toss a pot of cheesy/chive potato soup on the stove, add a crispy, buttery loaf of home baked bread [no bread machine here, gals - strictly a knead-your-own kinda baker!], plus some bubble bath indulgence, followed by a steaming mug of amaretto hot cocoa whilst shoving my winter-sinus-stuffy nose deep inside the pages of paranormal plots.

How do YOU prepare for winter in your neck of the woods? ;D


  1. Hehe!
    I cannot believe you have never read any Jane Austen.. I mean my God, I think that's all I ever read when I was young... Austen and Bronte and Alcott! lol

    I think you are going to enjoy it!!!

    You are so right.. I mean in Greece, we don;t get that harsh of a winter but still it is the perfect time to catch up on tv-shows and books! :P
    Erm, yes.. I have to admit that I watch a lot of tv too!!!

  2. Hi yllektra :D
    You are probably right, I imagine I have been missing out on a very good book! Now, I did read the Bronte sisters, and L.M. Alcott, but SOMEwhere along the line I missed out on J. Austen?!
    Greece!!!!!!!You LUCKY thing, oooooh - that is such a beautiful country. Have you by chance read any of the Goddess series books (OhMyGods or something like that?) set in Greece? They are great fun ~

  3. Nice finds! I would love to read WOLFSBANE and MISTLETOE. This sounds fantastic. Let us know how it is.

  4. @Sari - it DOES look yummy, huh?!
    I'm thinking an anthology like this one deserves to be enjoyed with a pint of Ben & Jerry's ;D