Saturday, February 20, 2010

What are the Things You Love?

Here is a list of some of the things that I love & enjoy, or would given the chance. Are there any we share in common? What about YOU, what do you love or imagine you might have a passion for?

Thunder storms
Curly, naked trees against a winter sky
Kitten & puppies
The color 'tea rose' pink
Anything retro, atomic, vintage from the 50's & 60's
Creative writing
Playing with numbers, data mining
Old quilts and linens
Haunted houses
Plants vs Zombies
Books: ghost, paranormal, sci-fi (anthologies are the best!)
Yard Sales
The seaside
Wee hours of morning under a starry sky, alone with my thoughts
Theoretical physics
Art - painting and sketching
Old, crumbling cemeteries
Taking photographs
Hot, sweaty summer days working outside
Doing 'fixer-upper' work around the house
Salvaging old furniture (Old English Scratch Cover is the bee's knees!)
A genuine, 19Th century southern plantation smack dab in the middle of a bayou
Spanish moss
Magnolia blossoms
Anything that smells good - especially lemon or hazelnut
The movie Cloverfield
Two and a Half Men, Arrested Development, The Shield and Hoarders
Seances & Ouija Boards (subconscious spookiness here lol)
Diet Mountain Dew
Old jewelry
Lilacs !!!
Awareness of animal rights and ethical treatment
Lipstick, lipgloss, etc
Entering contests & winning stuff
Libraries and Museums
Exploring other planets (minus any 'Pitch Black' horrors lol)
Meeting other intelligent beings (wouldn't that be something?)
Meeting angels or soul guides (I'd love that!)
Movie theatre popcorn
Mowing the lawn, yardwork
Days when my back doesn't hurt too much
Blogging hehe
Beautiful smiles that light up a person from the inside out
Talking to God
Old churches (I'd love to actually live in one)
Outdoor lights that twinkle
People that are slow to anger and quick to laugh
Good manners
And above all - my loved ones!


  1. Thank you =D

    Added to list:
    Puppy breath
    Frosted Cherry Poptarts
    Zombie Weather (foggy nights LOL)

  2. the curly naked trees image is so coool. blogging - hee hee for me too;-D

  3. You do an incredible job at it, vvb32 - I think you've one of the most interesting, fun and beautifully put together blogs I've yet to trip across!

    Yeah, my beloved BF got me a fantastic camera for Christmas, and I've been on this 'tree' kick taking tons of pictures of winter-time trees - a TRUE tree hugger here LOL

    Added to list:
    March days that herald Spring