Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vintage Wreaths

[Click on the individual pix for a better close-up view]

It's no secret I'm a sucker for anything vintage (or, as my snarky kids refer - "dead people's stuff"). I've tripped across some incredible finds over the last ten years, although the majority of these goodies I've turned around and resold (sigh). Ah well, a profit is a profit!

Pink spaghetti poodles, made in Japan figurines, rhinestone jewelry, Mid-Century furniture, Hollywood Regency candle holders, Retro toys, and SO much more. I want it all, ESPECIALLY the pink retro bathroom from my childhood home in Fla from 1960 ... we even had the French Poodle wallpaper.

At 12 years of age I thought it was hideous. Today, at 52 years of age, I would give my right arm for a 'wayback' machine to time transport the kitsch of my youth into my middle aged present. Anybody out there remember Yardley's Pot O' Gloss makeup? Well, somebody does and they are paying dearly for this kind of thing on eBay (not moi).

Vintage bliss: "That which inspires joyful nostalgia"

Thusly, I've been on a vintage-inspired creative kick lately (which my beloved BF indulges - he also enjoys rummages & estate sales right by my side, and I know I'm a lucky, lucky gal!). And while on this creative kick, I wanted to share some photos of several of the kitschy wreaths I've been making in advance for this year's holiday season.

These wreaths have been base wrapped with either chenille or standard yarn, then adorned with such items as vintage garland, mercury-glass beads, old ornaments and vintage floral scraps, Japan figurals, estate buttons, 1950's picture cutouts and other miscellaneous. For a diorama effect, some of these were backed with cardboard reinforced scrapbook paper. I'm also trying my hand at making tiny glitter houses or Putz houses, as well as dyed bottle brush trees - and will post pics of these when (someday soon, God willing) they are completed.

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