Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Furbabies

Since I'm feeling all warm & fuzzy this Friday morning, I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the sweet little stray furbabies my family and I have been blessed with. When the opportunity arises, they are placed with (only!) safe & loving homes. In the interim, they are fed, cared for, and generally spoiled rotten!
This kitten is named 'Waffles' and was born on Easter. Waffles and his other three siblings were placed in two absolutely perfect homes! Each new home took one male and one female, and I have the pleasure of visiting them. =D

Above are my two 'permanent' furbabies! The one on the left is 'Polly' and she was a half-starved stray when I found her five years ago. Her 'boyfriend' on the right is Biscuit, and he recently turned 10. Don't they make a 'romantic' pair?! ;)

Here we see Polly taking a good old-fashioned 'cat nap' after a long, hard (???) day.

Above is Snuggles, a beautiful cat, one who was abandoned in the neighborhood. She looks to have a wee bit of 'Coon' cat in her, hence her thick full luxurious coat. I totally fell in love with this cat and hated to part with her, but eventually we found her an excellent home on a very good, loving farm out in the country where (two years later) she is fat & happy. Here she is pictured with one of her litters - of which the first kitty shown (Waffles) is the light blond one on the far right.

Here is the current brood (or Pride) we are nurturing. Mama (largest on the right), Tipsy (top of the picture) and Bebe (the littlest one on the left). Mama just showed up one day, hungry, and for some strange reason she began to hang around (possibly because she was getting tons of food & love). She was very skittish (cats are not really 'stand-offish', they are cautious and timid for their own protection) at first, but now she tries to follow me in the house. She also loves to walk with me to the mailbox!

Here is Tipsy, her boy from a previous litter. Hard to believe he was once the teensy runt of the litter! He is one of the most lovable cats I've ever been around, and is always purring and rubbing against everybody. While we were able to find homes for two of his siblings, a third kitten was shot to death by some scum-of-the-earth with a pellet gun. Tipsy is the remaining cat of that litter and we watch over him very carefully until a good home can be found.

So now everyone knows I'm an animal nut. =D

Ever since I can remember, we've had one pet or another: Pekingese, birds, fish, turtles, hamsters, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, German Shepherd-Huskie, Peek-a-Poo, Lhasa Apso, squirrels in the yard who got fed, ditto with birds, strays ... you name it. I can't stand to see any creature helpless or hungry.

And I'm not the only one. Besides three rescued cats, my kind-hearted BF also has this squirrel he's kind of 'adopted'. Last spring when Squiggle first showed up on his deck, she HONESTLY looked like a zombie - if there were such things as zombie squirrels, that is. She was thin, mangy, and looked like she had been chewed on (although she exhibited no sign of rabies, we were cautious to keep a safe distance for a long while, just to make certain).

Anyway, after months of proper feeding, Squiggle has now healed beautifully, and she will sprint across the neighbors' lawns when she hears/sees the BF pull up in his driveway. She also likes to perch on the porch railing and peer in thru the windows while patiently (???) waiting for him to bring out her lunch to her. Now, instead of a zombie squirrel, Squiggle looks like a little round football with fur, and acts like a loyal pup. I'm half expecting that one of these days she is going to demand access to inside his house and all privileges thereof lol.

Well, hope you guys liked the pictures of the kitties =) Since I'm still struggling to learn how to do the blogging thing, please forgive me if I don't have the pictures sized or lined up right. Somedays I'm happy just to be able to turn on the stupid computer all by myself *** ;)

*** Bear in mind, I grew up in the dark ages before computers and dvds. When 'Pong' came out my generation was so thrilled that we practically wet ourselves. I have Tupperware older than most of you reading this, and I can remember B&W Tv. I can also remember being able to do Yoga and touch my toes without putting my spine in traction for months on end, or eating a lemon without passing out from tooth pain. But anyway, when I got my first computer in '93 - it was about the size of a house and weighed 17 billion pounds. I think it had like .00002 gigabyte and would connect to the Internet in approximately the same amount of time that it took man to discover fire. Thankfully, today's computers are much more user friendly, and FASTER - wow are they faster! In fact, today's computers are so fast that you can hit the wrong key, make some hideously humiliating goober-worthy error, and ruin your entire life for all eternity, in the space of a single nano-second of time.

I miss Pong.

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