Thursday, February 28, 2013

Announcing the New & Improved M.A.D.

(Not really)(Same sh*t, different day)(act surprised) ...

Anyhoo, my winter hiatus has nearly ended and I couldn't be happier. Spring, the good Lord willing, is right around the corner and I am thrilled beyond description. I loathe winter. No, really.

Even though I've been MIA for the last three months, I have been busy and semi-productive: cleaning, sorting, selling, pitching crap before summer when we'll be moving into our new home (constructed and ready to finish out the interior). I have this tremendous urge to get rid of EVERYTHING, purge my possessions, to hit the *Reset* button, and start over fresh. 

Also, I am pleased to say, that several weeks ago I embarked on a healthy eating kick. Mostly superfoods and fat free foods. And it's really paying off. I've lost approx. 20 lbs and am determined to lose 30 more for a total weight loss of 50 lbs. 

Though I've been petite most of my life (with my weight ranging anywhere between 112 to 130), 5 years ago I had to go on
certain meds which really played havoc with my weight & appetite. I began eating and gaining, consuming all the wrong foods, and I was mostly too tired to care. But now I'm trying to change all of that. I've been doing fantastic (much to my family's surprise), have lost my desire for crappy food, and I think I'll be able to get my *figure* back before summer. 

In case anybody is curious about what's on my diet: 
Kale (excellent source of Vitamin C)
Sweet potatoes or yams
Quinoa (good source of vegan protein)
Wild Alaskan salmon
Fat-Free Hot Dogs 
Vegan-fed, cruelty-free (range) eggs (high in essential Omegas).
Non-fat Greek yogurt 
Sugar free Jell-O for my sweet tooth.
The occasional 1/2 of a Cinnamon/Raisin bagel for when I must have a chewy *bread*.
With a wee bit of fat-free cream cheese
Baked Lays (in EXTREME moderation, because it's too easy to fill up on non-essential calories).
Slim-Fast 2-3 times per week, just enough to get some extra nutrients in my diet/take with my meds to coat the stomach.
The occasional Diet Entree (with careful attention to overall fat content & calories towards my daily total).
Green veggies (asparagus, green beans, etc) scattered throughout the week. 
90% Cocoa Fair Trade chocolate (just a wee nibble here and there, to satisfy that chocolate craving)(this stuff is SO dense and rich - I can't even eat ONE square!)

Also, I can't recommend enough the value of keeping a daily food
journal. Every bite that passes my lips gets tracked. It helps so much to see exactly what you're consuming. 

I'm avoiding or only consuming in tiny portions: corn, GMO products, white flour, gluten, cereal grains, high fructose corn syrup, white potatoes, non-healthy *fats*, most dairy and empty carbs, etc. 

Basically that's it. I try to keep my daily fat below 15 grams, and my calories below 700. And when the weather gets nicer, I can get back to power walking which is something I love to do. 

So, this is a huge lifestyle change for me. I can't get over how easy it was, once I got my body past it's junk addictions. Although, I've never EVER liked greasy fatty food, or ate much meat. And I've never been one for any of the fast food establishments. Even when NOT dieting, I just don't eat that crap. I don't think I've had a fast food burger in over 3 years, at least. 

My addictions are things like donuts, lasagna, veggie pizza, candy. 
And chocolate cake. Down the road, I want to learn to cook *healthy* - like lasagna made with gluten-free noodles, fat free sauce, kale and zucchini and mushrooms, and fat-free yogurt instead of cottage cheese. Also, as a semi-vegan, I'll use soy instead of meat. 

Btw, if anybody wants to drop a few pounds, and would love a buddy, just holler. Also, some of the BEST inspiration I've found is on Youtube - the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is fantastic! Some of the people are truly amazing, and I can only hope to have a fraction of their courage and determination. :)

Anyway, so that's what I've been doing, and where I'm at. In the middle of some big life changes. And now all I need are some good zombie books to make life complete .... heh heh heh

(and you thought this would be a zombie-free post) (not on MY watch!)

I miss you guys. 


  1. Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick! Post-Apocalyptic awesomeness!

    And Yay! you're back *hugs*

  2. Awwww! I miss you too! It's so nice to hear from you! I'm glad you're doing well and zombies belong in every post!

  3. Welcome back! Missed ya!

    You're inspiring me to write a post on nutrition-- it's become my new passion.

  4. @Keith - Brilliant (as they say across the pond)!! Your writing is always intelligent & so well-put, I can't wait to read your thoughts on nutrition. I'm actually appalled at the degree of sludge & sub-standard ingredients we unthinkingly consume as part of our day to day diet.

    Admittedly, I'm also craving a fat chunk of devil's food cake at the moment ;P

  5. Definitely AVOID processed foods, starches (bread, bagels, corn, cereal, and potatoes), salt, sugar, dairy (eggs, cream, butter) and beef (including hot dogs and burgers), the latter major causes of cholesterol. Sweet potatoes can raise blood sugar. Ditch the Slim-Fast. Skip the diet entries and go with fresh cooked foods where you control what's in them (salt, sugar, preservatives -- have you read the labels on that stuff?) No doughnuts, lasagna, pizza, or candy. No yogurt (fat free does not mean no sugar or no calories).

    The good stuff on your list: Salmon (excellent for cholesterol, as are sardines and mackerel), and green veggies.

    Exercise at least 30 minutes each morning. Drink lots of water. Take vitamins (I can give you a list). Forget about diets... think permanent lifestyle change.

  6. Oh yes, avoid eating out. Restaurants add things to your food: sugar, spices (especially salt), sauces, and butter – including the butter used to cook your food. You might think you’re sticking to your health regimen when you go out to a restaurant, but you’re not, because of these hidden additives. Then, there’s the damage you can do in a restaurant: table salt, condiments like ketchup and mustard, bread or rolls, starches, and appetizers or entrees topped with cheese or sauces, not to mention other forbidden items like beef or dairy products. There is also greater temptation to stray from the regimen when eating out with others.

  7. P.S. I have a nutritional plan I can send you, if you're interested. It works if you stick to it.

  8. Welcome back! You were most missed. :) Glad you are working on eating healthier and congrats on the weight loss. I typically eat healthy- but chocolate is a weakness of mine. Wishing you much success with your changes. :)