Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ode to Zombies


For your *listening* pleasure, may I present ...

An Ode to Zombies (sung to the tune of Up On The Rooftop Click Click Click)

Outside the basement, Billy stalls
He heard grandma's zombie claws!
With a smidgen of ketchup, a drop of soy -
that's how grandma eats little boys!

No No No
Stay away from the ho -
No No No
Them dead's gotta go!
Oh, down from the attic
click click click
Better hope grandpa's dentures stick!

This is the Halloween straight from Hell
If only papa hadn't fell
down all the stairs where he seemed to die
until he closed then opened his eyes!

Scream Scream Scream
They think you are meat -
Scream Scream Scream 
Stay fast on your feet!
Oh, the dog in the backyard
has broke his chain
and he can't wait to eat your brain!

Last comes your mom with eyes all red
You're pretty damn sure she's also dead.
Tho it might be sad everyone's a ghoul
Come Monday you're not going to school!

Run Run Run
What a day this has been -
Run Run Run
Even if you are ten!
Oh, if you want to stay alive ...
... better jump in the car and learn to drive. 


  1. If only i knew the tune i'd be singing it along

  2. lol - it's one of those cozy holiday songs! Tell you what you'd really enjoy, I've got a 20+ year old cassette tape that was a special Christmas edition from the Crypt-Keeper. We listen to it every year (funny family tradition as we're a warped bunch!). One of the songs is Deck the Halls With Parts of Molly ;P

  3. I absolutely love this! Did you make it up? If so you are super clever and so talented (even if you didn't you still are both of those things). Now I will be singing this tune while I pass out candy!

  4. Jess - you are such a sweetie! <3
    Yeah, I made it up after imbibing too much caffeine ... O-o
    Though you might want to *omit* the part about grandma being a
    *ho* (I couldn't think of anything else to rhyme lol)