Monday, October 3, 2011

Torture Me Tuesday

Here's a tantalizing passage from an amazing ARC called Eulogy for Erin Ernest:

" ... surrounding my grave stood my parents with tears coursing down their faces. My classmates, solemn and frightened, huddled in tiny groups whispering amongst themselves. And there-racing across the uneven turf-came my boyfriend. Breathless, shocked, white-faced, Gunnar dropped to his knees as the mortuary attendents intercepted him and refused to allow him any closer.

Gunnar wasn't welcome here. But only I knew why.

And I wasn't in any position to tell, or was I? ..."

Eulogy for Erin Ernest
Emo Press: April 1, 2012
999 pages



  1. Oh, sounds intriguing!
    You sure know how to torture this piggy!

  2. LOL Too bad it's not a REAL book ;D

  3. I know! That's the torture!
    You really should write it *nudge nudge*