Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Traveling One Blog At a Time

Sometimes, usually late at night or early morn - when I'm relaxed and in that beautifully drowsy state that borders on euphoria, when all feels right with the world and my place assured - I like to take off traveling like an explorer of Olde.

When I was younger, healthier and not as subject to chronic pain and those maladies associated with aging, I would walk - in the physical sense - arms pumping, legs pounding, sweat peppering my brow and dampening my shirt, my breath slow and measured with the discipline of practised concentration.

Now I travel in a different way.

No less satisfying but different all the same.

My travels begin with just an idea, a search, a question in mind.

Tiny taps upon a keyboard when suddenly I find myself in England, reading the thoughts and feelings of an individual across an ocean I'll never traverse. My coffee grows cold while I connect with one amazing human being after another.

And still my fingers tap.

Attracted to the lure of other minds, other places; skipping across a universe of blogs - such a small word for such a huge world.

With no itinerary to bind me, the travel comes easily and swift. Mexico, Canada, Japan and sometimes as close as my own backyard.

Ages ago, when the world was still a mystery of places instead of faces - we each kept to our unspoken confines and talked of traveling 'as the crow flies'. To reach across a continent and place a foot upon both shores was a task of no minor undertaking.

Now we, me - each of us - think no more of reaching across a globe than our ancestors thought of reaching across a hedgerow.

No bird has ever flown as straight, as easily, nor as complacently as we.

So tonight, while my coffee sits cold and a skim forms atop it's surface, I travel from place to place, from person to person, across a sea not of water but of electrons. And for just a moment, ... just a wee second in a life composed of infinite moments, or so it seems to me ...

I stop.

And marvel at the miracle beneath my fingertips.

tap. tap. tap...


  1. I love this so much! It's such an eloquent way to describe something we think of as mundane, but you show that it really isn't. Amazing writing.

  2. Awww ... that's so sweet of you to say! Sometimes I just get in these moods lol

    But truly, I count myself very fortunate to exist in such a time as I can easily befriend beautiful souls such as yourself, Velvet and all the rest.