Sunday, November 7, 2010

NOT In My Mailbox

While every other blogger on the entire planet is busy burning up their keyboards posting all the stellar awesomeness they've recently received, this is a tongue-in-check mini rant - probably fever induced because I'm still sick with whatevertheheck's going around/allergies/plague.

So hugs and kudos to the rest of you lucky stinkers, and as for moi:

Here is what I did NOT get in my mailbox this past week:
Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Darkness
Beautiful Anything
Zombies Vs Unicorns
Unicorns Vs Gnomes
Gnomes Vs Mockingjays
Beautiful Mockingjays
Zombies Vs Radiant Unicorns
Before I Fall
Before I Trip
After I Trip and Fall at the Mall
Sunscreen Vs Zombies
Hungry Zombies Vs Thirsty Unicorns
My Soul To Keep
My Soul To Sell
My Soul to Lend at 13.7% Interest Compounded Daily
Porta Pottys and Partial Zombies

In fact, I did not get ANY book that started with an adjective, or an adverb, or even a noun/pronoun.

I DID get a flyer for a clothing sale, my utility bill, a newspaper three days out of date, and a small spider that I pretended I didn't see.

Maybe he ate my books?

To all of you with TBR piles stretching halfway around the equator, you make me sick. With jealousy LOL

The only pile I have stretching anywhere is a pile of laundry I've ignored while gluing all those ^%$#@ wreaths.


Okay, okay. Actually I was fibbing for effect! :O

I did get a few terrific books in the mail, for which I am a zillion percent happy/thrilled/grateful! YAY!

Right now I'm reading Bloodthirsty (a very funny, enjoyable read) and Dying To Live - which is by far one of the better post-apocalyptic zombie books I've come across.

If I weren't so lazy/puny I'd take some pix. Maybe later, I dunno. Have to wait until the *purple stuff (what my family calls Dimetapp) kicks in.

*True story: during the better part of their lives, I dosed the kids with Dimetapp when they were sick (the doctor had recommended it, and it seemed to work well). Eventually they referred to it as *the purple stuff*, and family legend states that it cures everything from a head cold to a compound fracture (not true, but the kids swear that at the first sign of ANY problem I haul out the bottle of purple stuff).

Advanced leprosy? Purple stuff
Marital problems? Purple stuff
Overdraft? Purple stuff
Dog got worms? Purple stuff
Flat tire? Purple stuff
Nuclear holocaust? Purple stuff
Zombie insurrection? Purple stuff

My beloved kids are full of sh*t. I have never used the stuff to ward off a bad case of zombies.


  1. LOL - fun post! and gotta get me some purple stuff pronto!

  2. I had to laugh with you. This week is the first in many that saw my participation. I drool over the stacks of books others receive. I wonder what I am doing wrong, then I remember I am a busy woman and would stress if a rain of books came my way.
    Feel better, but remember the purple stuff is always our friend. Geez, you continue to be sick I just may feel guilty enough to send you French hot chocolate!

  3. @Sari - I know! Some of these lucky gals are getting half a library's worth *drool* hehehe

    My bf is finally starting to get over his plague/but we've all had such an ongoing headache/sinus that just won't stop. I'm blaming allergies/change of season (rural area). But getting sooooooooo tired of the ringing in the ears, headache.

    Tell ya what, Sari - fix yourself a HUGE mug of yummy hot chocolate and think of me, that way maybe some psychic chocolate vibes will head my way! :D

  4. That was by far the bestest IMM I have ever read! Be sure to link it to The Story Siren's IMM post this weekend, it's a good way to boost your adoring fanbase. ;)
    Which reminds me! Are you going to do the M.A.D. Challenge this weekend? I just wrote mine up. I'll give you a hint: it's sung by Gweneth the Ravenous-Skullcracker and it's called Zombie Strong. So if you're not too plaguey, I think the theme is country or actors-turned-singers.
    Hope you feel better SOON! Do you hear that germs in Mary Ann's head? Soon! So y'all best be clearin' outta her sinusses, ya little varments!

  5. Hey, Mary Ann! You'll never guess what happened over the weekend!
    Eric Something-or-other from Quirk Books, the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies people, contacted me and I'm going to be giving away a copy PPZ--just in time for Christmas! It's my first encounter of the publishing kind. Vair exciting.
    Have you read PPZ, yet?

    Ow! I got my flu shot today and my arm ACHES! Last year's didn't hurt this much. Not two minutes after I got it, my wrist and elbow started throbbing. I had to take a Tylonol.

    Anyway, hope you're on the mend! :)

  6. ZG :D
    Howdi ye lettle zombee lovin' varmint!!!! I am SO excited for you, hugs galore ... omg! They just up and contacted you :O That is a billion percent awesome - you should have a super giveaway and you KNOW I'm glad to post button/link/hoodinky here for ya :D

    Way t'GO, Girl!!!!!!!!!!

    I am trying and slowly getting better, if only these ^%$#@! blasted headaches would ease up :P And it plays heck with my Celexa - one day I'm full of peppy awesomeness and the other I'm like funkydoodle.

    But I've not been brave enough to do the flu shot thing, although I think you are quite wise to have *plunged* (get it?! needle - shot - plunge lol) ahead ... well ... an ARM, not a head ... braaaaaaaaaaaiiinnzzz

    *cough* ... ahem ... er ... um ... yeah.

    But seriously, I had no idea it would make your arm throb & hurt. Is that typical? Watch that you don't start running a fever or anything (old lady mom-type here).

    My prob here is that I've simply got too many irons in the fire and I don't function well thataway lol

    And a beloved friend just dropped off BOXES of antique children's books that I need to sort thru & look up to see if they are worth any $$$$ before I pitch/give/sell.

    Sigh. Double sigh.

    I'm so sorrrrrrrrrry I can't seem to do our challenge lately, in fact I'm really wanting to get some book reviews up and posted, to dedicate more time & energy to THAT (I need free books hehehe).

    It's just so difficult for me to properly think/focus/concentrate/produce when things feel chaotic to me. I'm one of those classA fastidious obsessive-compulsive tidy freaks and I DEMAND my environment to be orderly so I can do what I have in mind - however - of late life has not exactly cooperated :P

    So I've got all these stupid loose ends to catch up.

    Triple sigh.

    You and Velvet and so MANY other bloggers are so together/organized/ and I'm so hit 'n' miss right now.


    But I loves ya, and someday (soon? post Christmas maybe?) I can get this blog on track.

    I hopes ;D

  7. *gasp-sputter* You think I'm organized????? Whooaa! I am probably the farthest thing from organized you will ever find on this good green earth. It's good to know that I come across as so put together online, though. :}
    Such as what I'm doing right now. Right now I am commenting on your blog whilst I copntemplate breaky and mull over several questions that were asked by my Confirmation class last weekend. What I should be doing is actually eating, putting on my face, brushing my teeth, etc. so i can make to Mass on time this morning. Not organized. Easily distracted. Hungry. These are some terms that describe me.
    And don't feel pressured about doing the Challenge, mon freund. this is supposed to be fun. We'll do it when we can and at no other times! If our public is so desperate to read something funny, then they have the rest of our posts to tide themselves over with. ;)
    Okay, I really gotta go now or I'm going to be within my hour fast and I won't get breakfast until after Mass.
    Byeee! ♥