Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Review: Loose Rabbits

Loose Rabbits of the Rabbit TrilogyLoose Rabbits of the Rabbit Trilogy by Ellen C. Maze

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darkly compelling, Loose Rabbits grips the reader by sweaty hand to lead us inexorably through the grim corridors of vampiric experience. By turns both fascinated and repulsed, human curiosity must nevertheless be satisfied - and thus Loose Rabbits answers questions hungry readers of the Rabbit novels have begged to uncover.

With a deft flourish, Ellen C. Maze fleshes in the portrait of a haunting world where man may not claim superior position at the top of the food chain, a position already occupied by the Rakum masters. Yet for all their grim magnificence, the Rakum are not without their passions and foibles.


Literally, I gobbled Loose Rabbits alive! From the young Javier to the mysterious Kilmeade, I fell in love with each exotic persona as their private lives and complicated psychology unfolded before me with each turn of a page. Whether cow, rabbit or master - we are all mirrored in the pages of the Rabbit novels, our darkest fears and desires exposed for delicious examination.

A must-read!!!

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  1. Lovely, Mary! Thank you so sweetly :)
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  2. Honestly my pleasure, Ellen! Thank you so much for visiting and all your encouragement ~ :)

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