Friday, September 17, 2010

Epic Book Fortune!

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly shelf-loving for me.

Between blog wins, birthday gifts and old-fashioned thrift from scouring
yard sales this past week, take a gander at all the wonderful reads I've suddenly amassed:

My retro-groovy 1960 hutch is quickly filling up!

Sweet Valley High: Evil Twin duo by Kate William - rummage find

The Harrowing by A. Sokoloff - rummage find

YA paranormals today's rummage find:
Charmed - The Power of Three by Eliza Willard
Circle of Three - So Mote It Be by Isobel Bird
Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan

Lisa Harrison: The Clique Collection boxed sets 1 & 2
( gotta luv those yard sales, baby! ;D )
Rummage find
Dead Names (The Dark History of the Necronomicon) by Simon

Making Out By Katherine Applegate: today's rummage find
Zoey Fools Around
Jake Finds Out
Nina Won't Tell
Ben's In Love
Another stellar rummage score!
The A-List by Zoey Dean

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane - rummage find

MORE rummage sale awesomeness found today -
a huge lot of 13 Buffy The Vampire Slayer books!

My daughter must love her nutty mom! For my birthday she surprised me with this F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. gift:
The Blue is For Nightmares by Laurie Faria Stolarz boxed collection!!!

Oh, and here's another rummage score I made today :)
The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt

A fun win from Jane at Mid Life Bloggers
It's Not P.M.S., It's YOU! by Deb Amlen

A MUCH desired zombie book, again from my beloved daughter for my birthday!
Soulless by Christopher Golden

And here's an UBER-awesome win from guest author Prue Batten,
and one of my dearest blog buddies, Velvet at vvb32 Reads!
The Stumpwork Robe
The Last Stitch

Yet another yummy win!
This one courtesy of Strange Candy Reviews
The Phoenix Files: Arrival by Chris Morphew

Doesn't The Last Waltz sound beautiful?! By G.F. Vandagriff
This win came from an Examiner Contest courtesy of the author

Stealing Athena by Karen Essex
Dracula In Love by Karen Essex
Both the above luscious wins came from

DUST: A *Squee!* surprise win from Yan at Books By Their Cover



  1. ohman, Sweet Valley High and the make out series and wow, your rummaging really has you turning up with some awesome things!

  2. Brizmus, I'm not usually this lucky lol

    But I got all those books sooooooo cheap - averaged less than .20c per book WOWSA
    think I spent maybe $8 total!

    The BOOK GODS barfed blessings in my general direction :D