Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm too sexy for my blog ...

... not.

In fact, I am still in the *breaking out* stage of poison ivy, surely this has got to wind down before too long? I'm running out of blank spots and my skin looks like flesh colored bubble-wrap.

Ugh, and this crap has now spread to both eyes. The lids are all swoll up like I've been crying for days, and I'm afraid to venture out into public as I might scare small children.

Plus I can't stop itching. I want to take a shard of glass and dig into my skin like I'm digging for buried treasure (relief). I have to say though, the kids were over yesterday and we looked around for the culprit. Sure enough, we found poison ivy growing under and around and beside various areas of established landscaping, especially the arborvitaes.

Now I'm giving serious thought to calling the doc$tor for a steroid shot or some such (insert sound of intense annoyance). Too bad this isn't 1970 when a single visit to the doctor, or physician's assistant, didn't cost nearly $130. Not kidding.

BUT, as a very important aside, something is amiss with my laptop! It looks like it's not storing cookies, as I can't access half of the blogs I visit, or my own blog unless it's a cached version. Luckily, I can access my *dashboard*, and I'm hoping this post will go thru alright when I hit *publish*.

Therefore, until I figure out what's wrong, I can't respond to comments. Because when I go to the *cached* page, they aren't THERE. The son says it might (?) be a virus.

Virus my butt. I'm thinking this *&^%$#@! poison ivy has infected my stupid laptop, is what is wrong (not really)(that'd be almost kinda cool).

By the way, I'm now 2/3s through No Safety In Numbers by Dayna Lorentz. While the premise is great, it's just not doing it for me. At least thus far. We'll have to see how the story goes closer to the ending.

Okee, I'm done here. I <3 You!

Ps - Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but ALL book lovers should watch
the British comedy tv series called Black Books! I think you can still watch it for free on Hulu. It is the best thing ever, and if you end up not liking it then I will be forced to raid your personal library and steal cookies from your pantry (at first I typed *panty* ... I am so NOT stealing cookies from your *panty* heh heh).


  1. So sad! Evil poison ivy and possible computer viruses!! I hope everything gets better. Glad you found the ivy and your kids are helping you. *hugs*

  2. *HAH* See, Chrome let me access THIS page ... but the others are cached? God, I hate this I.T. crap lol

    Anyhoo, thanks Elizabeth <3
    Eh, I'll be fine, got a dr. appt in the morning, bet he gives me a steroid shot or something. Maybe next year I won't be so *enthusiastic* with weeding lol

  3. Aw, I'm sorry Mary! Hope your doctor appointment makes it all better! If you don't, there should seriously be a refund option for doctors, shouldn't there?

  4. @Ana - I like the way you think think!!! <3
    Not only a refund option, but also free hot chocolate & cookies for us patients. Maybe even coffee cake (the good kind with streusel topping) ... :D

  5. I am the queen of poison ivy- I get it terribly every summer and it's the worst. Nothing works, even the really expensive stuff- it will take away the itch for a little while but that's it. All you can do it wait it out until your body has had enough, and then it will magically disappear. The worst place that I had it on my body this summer was between all my fingers- BRUTAL! I hope it clears up soon and your computer gets back on track! ~ Jess

  6. Oh dear. That sounds completely awful. Get better!

  7. @ Jess - Thank God I'm not the only one lol! Do you get your via gardening/yard work? Funny you said the inbetween the fingers thing (well, NOT funny if you know what I mean) - I just started scratching last night between the fingers on my right hand and ugh!! It's awful ... poor girl I cannot imagine having this between ALL my fingers, you and I need a hazmat or something for summer time ;D

    @ Christina - just got back from the doctor(he is the nicest doctor ever!!<3) where I received a steroid shot, hopefully this will make things better soon! :)

  8. And, btw - TODAY I'm not getting the Google Chrome *cached* message (yet) (the day is YOUNG) (unlike ME), so maybe it's not my laptop after all, but an issue with Chrome? (crossing fingers) ;)

  9. Not sure about a refund option for doctors, but I did once have one complain my check had bounced. I explained to him the pain had come back. ;) Hope you feel better soon!

  10. @Keith - hahahahahahahahahaha
    Love it! I'm picturing Groucho Marx delivering that last line with his ever present cigar in place. :D

    {Mad suddenly wonders if she's the only one old enough to have watched Groucho Marx?}