Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not one but TWO Lucky winners for Bedbugs!!

As a little surprise [heh heh] I would like to announce that there are not one, but TWO lucky winners of my Bedbugs giveaway!! See, I'm tricky that way ;D

I actually had TWO brand new drool-worthy copies of Ben Winter's amazing book up under my sleeve [which sounds way better/less traumatic than saying I had multiple bedbugs under my sleeve ... buh jankity].

So without further ado [translates to mean I'm lazy today] the winners are:


Congrats gals and I hope you enjoy this terrific horror yarn :D
I'll be emailing you soon for your mailing address and PLEASE respond within 72 hours or I'll be hunting up a new winner.

For the rest of you, seriously - if you haven't read Bedbugs yet then you are missing a real treat, as I loved it X 10.

Okay, it's cold, nasty, windy, gloomy fixin' to snow/sleet/other crap and I just want to huddle up with a cup of hot chocolate/nap/watch Christmas movies. I love you guys.
The End.