Friday, October 14, 2011

Zombie Show[off]case - Titania

Fellow zombie lover, Titania from Fishmuffins of Doom sent in these AH-mazing shots of her uber *drool-worthy* collection of z-reads.

Need I mention that I am frantically searching through this yummy pile of braaaaaaaaaiinz to see what I might be missing?!

Ah, it's enough to make a dead man [or woman] moan!! Hmm ... methinks I'd best be writing up a whole new TBR list real soon :D

Congrats, Titania! Your collection just made my head EXPLODE [but in a good way] heh heh.

Ps. Isn't *Fishmuffins of DOOM* just about the neatest blog title ever?!?
Mine should have been something more along the lines of ...
Ottercakes of Obscurity ;P

... wonder if it's been taken?