Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book Review: Dark Souls by Paula Morris

Dark Souls by Paula Morris
Hardcover publication date: August, 2011
Publisher: Point
304 Pages

As the author's previous book, Ruined, is one of my all-time favorite paranormal YA reads - I was beyond excited to have the chance to review Dark Souls.

From the back cover:
The ghost was there.
Miranda froze, still clutching one of the curtains. He looked even more
breathtaking this time, his face like chiseled marble. Tonight he wasn't smiling
at all, but his eyes were warm, velvety dark. He opened his mouth. Was he trying
to say something? Then the flame of the candle leapt, just for an instant, and died. He was gone.

Set in York, England - Dark Souls is every bit as Gothic, romantic and Olde Worlde evocative as we have come to expect from the talented Paula Morris. Those readers familiar with Ruined and hoping for another descriptive, fascinating excursion will find themselves swallowed whole by the authentic atmosphere that permeates every page of this awesome tale.

And, even if I wasn't already a fan of both the author and ghost stories per se, there's simply no way to resist the charm of heroine Miranda and the darkly fascinating Nick.

What begins on a tragic note - the car accident that gives rise to Miranda's incredible ability to see ghosts - quickly evolves into an absorbing mystery that
keeps the reader determined to gulp down the entire novel in one delicious bite!

As I don't want to spoil the book, I'm simply going to say that it kept me guessing, and loving every second of it.

In a word: Must Own
My Rating: 5 Starz

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