Friday, September 16, 2011

Are YOU a Squirrel, too??

Today was a wee bit dreary; overcast, cooler & windy, all with the distinct flavor of fall in the air. It boggles the mind how we of the Midwest can experience triple digits one week, then near freezing temps the next.

Couldn't say how many chubby squirrels were scampering about, seemingly all over the place, industrially gathering/burying their winter stash of walnuts and such - but they were everywhere so of course we drove carefully as to not hit one of the tiny stinkers.

Well, the squirrels aren't the only ones preparing their winter stash. Personally, I dread each upcoming winter - those endless days of snow, ice and gray skies that go on forever. This year, I had planned to buckle down and write my own fool book, but my hands are giving me trouble so my typing is less accurate and more tedious than in the past. Since I somehow managed to snap a tendon two Christmas Eves in a row, needless to say I'm a bit apprehensive as to what finger emergency might belay me this time around.

Hopefully, none.

But, prior to the tendon fiasco, I've had my right arm go completely dead - possibly something in the elbow akin to tennis elbow? Honestly, I don't rightly recall exactly what the doctor said as it's been a few years. However, the upshot is that I have far less dexterity in my grasp where handling small objects - like change or tweezers - is sometimes awkward. And my right hand has chronic numbness when upright, like attempting to weld a paintbrush.

So. Either I'll write really slow, periodically and in short sessions or I'll just curl up, read and dream of what might have been ;)

Probably the latter, as like our squirrely little friends, I, too, have been preparing my own winter stash. OF BOOKS!

And since I'm a voracious reader, it takes real dedication to keep my TBR stash in decent shape lol. Plus I'm guilty of having several books going at one time, depending on what captures my interest at any given moment.

So anyway, due to the incredibly epic deals at Walden's/Borders, rummage sales, splurges and lucky wins - I've amassed a nice little (?) pile of maybe 70ish books - each of which are tempting me to start them NOW and the heck with ol' Man Winter.

I'm trying to hold on, but the ink beckons ... ;D

How about you guys? Got a winter stash piling up that you're gleefully rubbing your hands together about??

And if so, what book are you most tempted by and why?
[mine was The Scorch Trials - no way I could let that one stand idly by lol]


  1. I always have a huge TBR stash. I've been reading nothing but my own books since the last school semester started and I still have a huge, always growing TBR pile. I bought about 15 books at Borders for super cheap plus the Comic-con books, occasional Amazon buys, on top of books I bought and never got to over the past few years.

    The book that is calling my name most is Anna Dressed in Blood. I just won it at vvb32 Reads and I've heard so many good things about it. I hope it lives up to the hype!

  2. ooOOoo - you lucky thing! Anna Dressed in Blood sounds like it should definitely live up to the hype :D

    I'm hot to add Veronica Roth's books to my *stash* $oon lol

  3. my winter stash is going to consist of mysteries of different type. gonna look for zombie ones as i haven't heard of any recent have you?