Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EPIC Giveaway Going On!

Heads up, bibliophiles! Wouldn't you LOVE to win the above?!
I know I would :)
Click here to enter to win!

PS - thank you, Beth, for such an amazing giveaway!


  1. Ooh, I read The Replacement and it is so good! Very dark and creepy and fantastic. My only complaint was a weird didn't-quite-mesh-with-the-story makeout scene. I just skip those parts, but it bothered me how patched-in it felt.
    PS Welcome back!!!

  2. Howdi ZG, you ol' rotting corpse, you lol!!! ;D

    See, I haven't read any of those yet, so I'm all twitchy-fied to win this - plus that cover for The Replacements looks surrealistically creepy - MUST have.

    Yeah, that makes sense - great way to put it "patched in", I've come across a few instances of romantic scenes that seemed nonsensical or out of place. They don't *mesh* properly with the overall story sometimes.

    Hey, I just finished reading Empty - loved it, you must add this to your already burgeoning TBR pile when your current challenge is wrapped up!

    Hugs Galore :D
    Professor MAD