Thursday, December 16, 2010

Steampunk Art: Nemo's Electro-Magnetic Pulsar


StickyWickets got you down? Then please allow your Illustrious Professor MAD to introduce to you the latest in Victorian Gadgetry!

******The Nemo Electro-Magnetic Pulsar******

Home version guaranteed to render all small to moderately large stickywickets harmless. Patent Pending*
*Not really.
My artisan BF recently whipped this baby up and I just had to share!
Pretty neat, huh?! :D


  1. uber cool steampunk goin on at your place!

  2. Thanks, Vii! The BF is really getting into this, and he started on a brand new project yesterday that is shaping up fairly cool! I told him it could be a *Gentleman's Ear Wax Eliminator* LOL