Saturday, November 27, 2010

Win Free *Brainzzzzz* at Zombie Girrrl *YAY* !!!

Seriously. If you *heart* brainnnnz as much as I do, especially brains all mashed up in a Jane Austen-styled bun [okay, I know this sounds dirty but it's not, trust me] ... SHUFFLE 'n' SHAMBLE your rotting corpse asap to enter Zombie Girrrl's totally crypt-o-licous contest for a juicy copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And it even comes with a personal note from Elizabeth Bennet.

How cool is that?!

So do it NOW.

"I COMMAND YOU" (insert hypnotic subliminal-type stuff here) (if this actually works I am SO gonna try *commanding* me some peanut butter fudge for Christmas :D )


  1. Must... give... Mary Ann... peanut butter fudge.
    Thanks for posting, MAD!

  2. Hehehe
    Glad to help a fellow z-lover out! :D