Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Hungry *Familiar*

Here's my beloved little stinker - Polly - giving me the *hint* that the kitty food dish needs to be topped off [again ... constantly ... omg!]

You guys know how people food is often packaged with a 'best used by' date?
Well, the kitty dish at my house operates via a similar method.

Yup. Apparently any cat food placed within its confines becomes stale/inedible/subject-to-feline-disdain once it has aged in the bowl for longer than 3-5 minutes.

Plus I'm a sucker for cute/furry.

Look at that adorable round grey *soul patch* on her chin!

When we rescued her as an abandoned stray - 6 years ago - she was so painfully thin it hurt. Needless to say she's now part of the family, and my life is richer for having her in it.

BTW - it's somewhat humbling to discover just how smart our pets may sometimes be. We've taught Polly to play hide & seek, to understand how some things work [like lights off/on], a whole host of words & expressions that she seems to grasp the basic idea behind.

Funnily enough, one night I was giving myself a pedicure with Polly up beside me on the bed. She kept watching and seemed fairly intrigued by what I was doing. So [with the lid on, of course] - I showed her the bottle of nail polish, my toes where I was painting them, the loofah, etc. After taking in the whole thing, she stuck out one of her legs and began grooming. LOL

Coincidence? Probably. But whether it was my own kids, a friend, or even somebody's pet ... I've always enjoyed 'reaching' to someone's particular level, relating to them, and hopefully passing a smile/or a bit of learning along the way.

My kids say I'm a natural teacher, or artist, or writer. That I should be doing something *important* with my life.

Where in the h*ll am I supposed to find the time to do something more *important* than keeping the cat food topped off?

At least Polly thinks I'm doing just fine.

Or does she???????



  1. Aww, so cute! My cat has a soul patch, too! She's black and white. Or is it white and black? I can never tell. Sake (like the Japanese liqour, not like, "For goodness' sake!" Don't ask me how she got that name, either, because I have no idea.) is pretty talented as well. She can smell tuna from across the house and she's figured out the moo juice is kept in the fridge. How many cats beg from fridges?! However, due to an accident while grilling this summer, she thinks that chicken grows out of the ground. We call it magic chicken.

  2. Omg! Up until a few months ago, my daughter (who adores anything Japanese) had a beautiful female chinchilla named Sake!

    Oh me gawd ... "Magic chicken" ... seriously, our next door neighbor, a practicing gourmand, used to toss out swedish meatballs into the back yard for our cocker spaniel to find. Alfie thought the ground grew magic meatballs hahahahaha What are the odds?!

    Does your Sake recognize the sound of the can opener and come running, only to stand there looking cute & thinking that the can of refried beans you just opened is tuna? I feel so guilty for disappointing Polly :( She's my little furbrat!

    Kudos to ya, ZG - for being an animal sucker ... I mean lover!

  3. Seriously?! That's freaky! I thought we were being very original when we named her Sake.
    Naw, she doesn't know what a can opener is because we get the tuna packets. She gets really excited about crinkly things though because her treat bag crinkles.
    Where's the weirdest place you've found your cat? Sake was in the snack cupboard the other day. In it. Sitting next to the pretzels. :P

  4. Oh me gawd - that is sooooo sweet, curled up by the pretzels (I just love our little furbabies!- mine is like another kid).

    Okay. Strangest place. When I was moving once, I had a large tall jewelry armoire - the 5 ft kind - and was removing the drawers for easier transportation. The next thing I knew was that Polly had climbed into one of the smaller empty drawer spaces and was practically stuck!!! I had to gently coax her to climb up & behind to one of the bigger holes so I could free her.
    PS - does your Sake try to sleep on your head/pillow with her butt in your face?????? 'Cos they always have to be looking to the outside so I get the butt end on my head - sigh :P

    Also, Polly is scared to death by thunder. She likes to hide inside the bottom kitchen cabinets.

    We are a somewhat *permissive* home, it seems lol

  5. Sake prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed where there aren't any flaily arms to knock her about. Plus that's where her fleece blankey nest is. However, if the bed she has chosen to sleep in (she's quite permiscuous) doesn't have a fleecy nest, she prefers to sleep on top of the person's legs. All. Night. Long. I make a point of keeping a fleecy nest on my bed.

    In the jewelry drawer!? XD I hate it when they appear in places that seem too small an you have to rescue them. Sake got stuck in my dresser once. I left my top drawer open and she climbed from there down into the next drawer. I was awaken by plaintive, yet strangely muffled, meowing.

    Aww! Poor Polly! Scared by the mean ol' t'under. Sake hides under the computer desk during storms or if we're playing Guitar Hero. It freaks me out because it's impossibly low, only like 2-3 inches of clearance, and I'm always afraid she'll get stuck, especially since she seems to be eating too much lately.

    We try not to let her have free reign over all the surfaces, but we seem to be failing lately. Like this morning while I was eating my breakfast she came and sat down next to me. On the kitchen table. XP