Sunday, April 25, 2010

Werewolves in the Withered Woods?

Don't forget to hurry on over to vvb32reads
for one of the most delicious paranormal events E-VAH!!!

I mean, if you like werewolves (and who doesn't?) ... you need to lope on over there asap!

Velvet has tons of giveaways and always makes her reviews fun for everyone :)

And, since I'm all wolfish myself this weekend (squee!) ... here are a few eerie pictures of our own withering woods, right here in Central Illinois. I just know Jacob's gotta be hanging around here someplace ;)


  1. see see him! over behind THAT tree! eeee!

  2. wonder where he parked his motorcycle lol?

  3. Those are awesome pictures!

  4. Thank you, Beth! I'm having fun with the new camera hehe

  5. Wicked pics!! They are gorgeous.

  6. Thank you Rae :) The area was MUCH creepier than I was able to capture with my camera, but I hope to return in the fall on a foggy or gloomy day lol