Friday, February 5, 2010

The Inevibility of Homo Immortalis

Beyond having a love of art, creative writing and similar works of self-expression, I'm equally left-brain dominant (according to tests - and they say fewer people are). That means I also think a lot; I analyze and dissect, conjecture and conclude. I'm a data 'hound'.


Anyway, the other night I was 'busy' in my head and, by following a long and logical overview, I came to a rather interesting conclusion regarding mankind - or homo sapiens, if you will.

So, if it pleases you I would like to share my thoughts. If you have better things to do, or were hoping for another paranormal 'teaser', you might be better off baking cookies, cleaning house, making whoopie or working towards a cure for cancer. Whichever floats your boat ...

Here we go.

Granted, this (to me) irrefutable conclusion is prefaced with a 'should man survive'. Taking our species survival as a given (for the sake of conjecture - I mean, either we DO or we do NOT) ... and regardless of stops and starts, ups and downs, population explosions or decimation, natural catastrophes, wars, and all the rest of the Murphy's mixed bag o' Laws ... we have but ONE certain path, however far distant it may lay from where we now stand, and that is the path of homo immortalis.

It is inevitable, it is irrefutable and it is the ONLY path open to our (or any other) species - provided we survive the interim between point A (the here and now) and point B (immortality).

Think about it, for just a moment if you will.

As futuristic, naively optimistic or downright outlandish as this conclusion may seem, it is the only survival path there is. GIVEN TIME.

I say this, and really, it is self evident if one takes but a moment for reflection. The need/demand for survival of a species, most importantly an intelligent self-aware species possessed of adequate memory storage and the ability to fashion tools for tasks, must and does hinge upon the eventual victory over entropy (illness, disease, hunger, accident, et al). This DEMAND is the core impetus of everything we do, create, express and desire. Note, I said "core" demand. The drive for survival/immortality is a basic thrust once a species is adequately possessed of a) memory b) objectively self-aware and c) sufficiently dexterous enough to fashion sophisticated tools/tasking.

One has only to look at the evolution of medicine, housing, food processing and all such else, for good or bad, to see the (however bumpy) line homo sapiens is riding on.

Man seeks to overthrow death.

Okay. Obvious enough - this isn't rocket science. Now stay with me here, for like a good pudding, the plot (or projected 'end game') continues to thicken.

IF, given enough 'time', any idea man may conceive of, he will do his utmost best to bring this idea to fruition. Again, for good or ill, and basically, just because he is impelled to do so.

Eventually, no matter how bumpy the road, or tedious the path, Man will leave this planet, he will discover successively better and better energy sources. He WILL eradicate disease, and so forth. And for each and every 'discovery' or success, Man will continue to 'tweak' this success, to refine it, to learn from previous attempts/errors and better the end product. In cosmic time, it is but a short leap from discovering 'fire' to 'light' energy.

If something can be conceived, trust me ... eventually it will be done.

Right now, we can do the most incredible things (like sending light back a nano second in 'time') ... that one can only imagine the rest, the accomplishments that await our species.

And, again, believe me, there most absolutely will occur that point, that singularity if you choose, in which our species will overcome TIME itself. As we continue to move away from our animal heritage, as we continue to study and learn the particle and wave, we will reach a point wherein memory/identity will be protected and stored, and we will most certainly select to abandon time and our physical bodies.

And I say this not in the science fiction sense of cyborg man/machine (though that may be a step on this immortalis pathway), but rather in an immaterial or mass-free sense, as the day will arrive that our species will overcome particle/mass decay.

But, and here's the HUGE HUGE HUGE (and highly thought provoking) kicker ... that, really, since it IS logically inevitable that (again, should mankind survive the interim) that our species will (as it is driven to so do) overcome time, gravity and mass ...

Then it has already been DONE!

I say this, with unfailing certainty, because even though WE here, you and I, must view our path and chew these thoughts over WITH in our current time-space (this very moment) ... once our species unchains itself from 'time' (be it objective or subjective), then all of us are freed.

So, as an example given: Let's say that in the year 2454 mankind overcomes time. All paradoxes are understood and thus resolved. Our species inhabits the least 'mass' heavy bodies capable of memory storage (and that is light - which carries information). In the year 2454 mankind can now stand outside, OBJECTIVE to time, free to enter and exit the 'time-space' highway in accordance with his/her choosing.

Okay so far? Then, my friends, that means that while to US these 2454 inhabitants are only inaccessible antecedents long down the road ... to THEM we are contemporaries to which they have immediate access to. Time, and history, as well as anything else you can think of, would bend back upon itself, at least from one end of the 'loop'.

My point being this. If something CAN be done, then it already HAS been done, whether now or later.

No matter the false starts, the errors, the complexities and ignorance that are strewn along the way, Immortality or the defeat of physical expiration, is the end goal of sentience and will/must be achieved. Once achieved, it will be perfected. And further perfected. B will reach back, from this 'future' point, to clasp hands with A.

Why am I suddenly reminded of 'Heaven', and the Beings of Light ...

Thoughts, anyone?


  1. You should look into telomere shortening and the possibility of preventing it.

    Essentially, this is how lobsters are considered to be immortal. If we could make out cells do it, we could, hypothetically, achieve immortality. Or at the very least, unthinkable long lives.

  2. Thank you for promoting IMMORTALITY.
    This is from my Forum
    that was active on the internet for 10 years starting in 1997.

    Eternal Life Society

    Migrating to Infinite Space-Time.
    "We Can Become the Engineers of Our Own Body Chemistry.
    - In the Right Environment We Can Live Forever"

    Once we get off the finite surface of the planet earth and are capable of living in potentially infinite orbital space, there is no reason to have a finite lifespan.

    As engineers of our own body chemistry we can disable the genes that dictate the termination of our lifespan, as scientists have already demonstrated with plants and animals. There is no inherent limit to the "Lebensraum" (living space) in orbital space as there is on our planetary surface.

    The life span of each organism is determined by the environment to which it has adapted.

    The new environment will be our imagination which we can only fill if we live forever. We have to be immortal. There is no inherent limit to our imagination as long as there is time and space.

    The incentive to be a member in good standing in society is the pursuit of immortality. Humankind's social activity, ultimately its urge to mate, is an instinct, just like the instinct to live. If the purpose of society is to protect and enhance the wellbeing of its members, then providing the means to achieve immortality should be one of its highest priorities. The "New World" must provide individuals with access to the experts, the education and the means to achieve immortality.

    The difference between our present world based on the formation and protection of family, tribe, nation and the "New World" is that the latter must have as its goal the pursuit of individual immortality.