Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Never Slow Dance With a Zombie

My M.A.D. take:

Here's a heckofa fun read! I started this one about a week ago, then got tied up helping a friend for several long, exhausting days setting things up for the rummage sale from H**L.

So, when I finally got business out of the way, it was time for pleasure - and the first thing I did was to curl up with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream and Lowe's awesome book.

Oh em Gee. I was up until nearly 3:00 a.m. this morning finishing reading Never Slow Dance With A Zombie! Absolute truth, if you're into the zombie or YA horror scene, this is one of the best out there. DO NOT MISS ...

The story opens with a couple of average sixteen year-olds, Margo Jean Johnson and her bestest bud, Sybil (the Queen of niceness itself). A few years earlier after graduating middle school, Margo had written "My High School Manifesto" - a detailed list of her must-achieve goals for her high school years: "I, Margot Jean Johnson, being of sound mind and in front of my best friend, Sybil Mulcahy, and the entire world, hereby decree that my high school experience will far exceed that of junior high".

And boy, will it ever! Never mind that Margot's nemesis, Amanda Culpepper - THE it-girl in high school - poses a formidable obstacle to Margot's dreams of popularity and snagging the hottest guy in the hallways (a.k.a. Dirk Conrad) ... THIS year things change, and in a way no one would have ever expected in a million years.

THIS is the year when nearly all of the entire student body turns into a mindless horde of swishing, lurching, flesh devouring zombies. Including the It-Girl clique, who still manage to ignore poor, pathetic Margot ...

But Sybil and Margo have plans to change things. Come heck or high water, or flesh eating classmates, and even sadistic gym teachers - THIS is the year Margo will become the most popular girl in school, even if she has to carry raw meat for protection!

Even if she learns why a gal should never slow dance with a zombie the hard way ;)

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  1. so glad to hear you got a kick out of this one. it was a fun one. ;-D